Andrea Russett Stands Up For Herself (And The LGBT+ Community) In Response To Homophobic Ex-Best Friend

Any longtime Youtube fan knows Andrea Russett is a legend. Once known as GETTOxFABxFOREVER, Russett is one of the OG Youtube artists. Indeed, she’s been making videos since 2008, with over millions of views and subscribers. With her social media fame, she was even able to land a gig as a host for WJFX Radio, as well as a few acting roles in movies like … Continue reading Andrea Russett Stands Up For Herself (And The LGBT+ Community) In Response To Homophobic Ex-Best Friend


Interview with Erin Anastasia

Erin Anastasia is a twenty-four-year-old poet from New Jersey. She has over 10,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she publishes videos of her own and others’ poetry, conducts interviews with other poets, and hosts discussions on writing and other social issues. Anastasia has always felt a strong connection and love for writing and dabbled in poetry during middle and high school. During her senior … Continue reading Interview with Erin Anastasia

Interview with Megan Falley

Megan Falley is a twenty-year-old poet and is the co-founder of the touring group, SPEAK LIKE A GIRL. She is also the creator of the online writing course, Poems that Don’t Suck, and her YouTube videos have collectively reached over one million views. She was born in New York and has lived there throughout her life. She is currently based in Colorado, but tours frequently. Falley has always … Continue reading Interview with Megan Falley

Interview with Rhiannon McGavin

Rhiannon McGavin is a twenty-year-old actress and poet. Her Condensed Shakespeare videos, impassioned poetry, and casual chats have caused over 37,000 people to subscribe to her YouTube channel. She currently lives in Los Angeles but has read her poetry in a variety of different locations inside and outside of the United States. “Between the bicycles and cheap wine, I’m satisfied anytime I can read in … Continue reading Interview with Rhiannon McGavin