The Battle Against Skin-Whitening Products In The UK

The BBC has found that several high-street shops are continuing to sell skin-whitening products such as creams, even after they were prosecuted for doing so. Trading Standards have acknowledged that it is a “really big problem”, as they are responsible for taking control of any creams and prosecuting businesses that are selling them. However, the businesses are not bothered by the fines and are continuing … Continue reading The Battle Against Skin-Whitening Products In The UK


The Dangerous Phenomenon Known As “Juuling”

After asking ten student’s at my own high school about their experience with “juuling,” all but one shared previous experiences of “juuling”, while six of the ten admitted to owning one of their own. For those unfamiliar with this up and coming sensation, the Juul is one of the many alternatives to e-cigarettes. Shaped and often confused for a USB flash drive, Buzzfeed News identifies … Continue reading The Dangerous Phenomenon Known As “Juuling”

Dress Code: Stop Blaming Girls, and Start Educating Boys

I will never forget the day where I was pulled out of class by my dean because my male teacher had decided that my shorts were too short. He later told me, “I don’t know how your parents let you out of the house looking like that.” In my own high school that promotes individuality, creativity, and self-reflection, I am not allowed to show my … Continue reading Dress Code: Stop Blaming Girls, and Start Educating Boys


I’ve always been an “it’s a sign” type of girl I made everything a sign whether it be finding a penny on the street, seeing a motivational sign at a coffee shop, or meeting you, I always took it as a sign. You see, I believe in fate. Everything happens exactly when it happens for a reason. It was all a part of this plan … Continue reading yet

She’s Dating the Gangster I

do you believe in the saying, “right person wrong time”? a friend of mine told me a story of how her grandparents dated in high school broke up, hated each other, and never spoke again but 13 years later, they met again at a movie theatre fell in love, and created something beautiful I used to believe that if it was the right person then … Continue reading She’s Dating the Gangster I


you played me to your favorite frank ocean song killed my softly to dvsn destroyed my soul to post malone i can’t listen to H.E.R. anymore because all that I can think about is “her” how i’m never going to be “her” you said that being with me was the happiest you’ve been so why did you throw it all away? we shouldn’t have tried … Continue reading R&B

Repeat After Me

Repeat after me: You miss the feeling of being in love Giving your everything to someone unconditionally Because they meant that much to you You patiently wait for his attention, a text, a call, anything. But while you’re up late at night worrying about him, not once, do you cross his mind. Repeat after me: You deserve so much more than staying up each night, … Continue reading Repeat After Me

Is Self Love Problematic?

We’ve all heard of the self-love movement, it’s become nothing short of a global phenomenon, particularly amongst teenagers and young adults. With the hash tag self-love amassing over 9 million posts on Instagram alone, it is clear that this trend is not slowing down anytime soon. But what exactly is self-love? In my opinion, self-love consists of taking the time out of your busy schedule … Continue reading Is Self Love Problematic?