How I have missed you, solace, sweet peace, subtle moments of rest, nights with enough sleep, afternoons of meditation, mornings of sun salutations, and shady spots under magnolia trees. Energy – radiating from me in shades of violet and navy blue – Comfort. Unstained. Unseen. Untouched. Sweet peace, How I have missed you. © Siera Carpenter Photo by myself • Siera Carpenter Advertisements Continue reading Alone



love the ocean never refuses to kiss the shore despite the distance smiling at the sun the moon blows a kiss and says thank you for the light sunflowers know they are nothing without the sun when it comes, they rise   empowerment true equality has yet to live outside of legal documents little young black boys don’t deserve to be afraid of cops down … Continue reading haikus

Dream Variations by Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was a writer, playwright, activist, and poet during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. The Harlem Renaissance is described as being a period in which African Americans expressed their pride for their culture and life through different forms of art. Hughes wrote many poems about black struggles during his time and many of his poems had a jazz or black folk rhythm to … Continue reading Dream Variations by Langston Hughes

as an ally; a poem

momma, oh momma! i won the birth lottery ’cause of you! your white genes mixed with poppa’s gave me privilege; all wrapped and new. my icy blue eyes, and my straight blonde hair- keeps the public from watching, giving them glares. but… i never signed a waiver for this, no, there’s no permission slip here. i never asked to witness their deaths. yet black lives … Continue reading as an ally; a poem


I’ve always been an “it’s a sign” type of girl I made everything a sign whether it be finding a penny on the street, seeing a motivational sign at a coffee shop, or meeting you, I always took it as a sign. You see, I believe in fate. Everything happens exactly when it happens for a reason. It was all a part of this plan … Continue reading yet

Interview with Erin Anastasia

Erin Anastasia is a twenty-four-year-old poet from New Jersey. She has over 10,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she publishes videos of her own and others’ poetry, conducts interviews with other poets, and hosts discussions on writing and other social issues. Anastasia has always felt a strong connection and love for writing and dabbled in poetry during middle and high school. During her senior … Continue reading Interview with Erin Anastasia

Interview with Megan Falley

Megan Falley is a twenty-year-old poet and is the co-founder of the touring group, SPEAK LIKE A GIRL. She is also the creator of the online writing course, Poems that Don’t Suck, and her YouTube videos have collectively reached over one million views. She was born in New York and has lived there throughout her life. She is currently based in Colorado, but tours frequently. Falley has always … Continue reading Interview with Megan Falley

Interview with Rhiannon McGavin

Rhiannon McGavin is a twenty-year-old actress and poet. Her Condensed Shakespeare videos, impassioned poetry, and casual chats have caused over 37,000 people to subscribe to her YouTube channel. She currently lives in Los Angeles but has read her poetry in a variety of different locations inside and outside of the United States. “Between the bicycles and cheap wine, I’m satisfied anytime I can read in … Continue reading Interview with Rhiannon McGavin

Interview with Natasha Hooper

Natasha Denise Hooper is a twenty-four-year-old poet, spoken word artist, activist and host. She is originally from Austin, Texas but is currently residing in San Diego, California. Hooper’s work has been featured on a variety of prominent outlets such as Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, and All Def Poetry. Her interest in writing and performing began in high school after watching a lot of spoken … Continue reading Interview with Natasha Hooper

She’s Dating the Gangster I

do you believe in the saying, “right person wrong time”? a friend of mine told me a story of how her grandparents dated in high school broke up, hated each other, and never spoke again but 13 years later, they met again at a movie theatre fell in love, and created something beautiful I used to believe that if it was the right person then … Continue reading She’s Dating the Gangster I


you played me to your favorite frank ocean song killed my softly to dvsn destroyed my soul to post malone i can’t listen to H.E.R. anymore because all that I can think about is “her” how i’m never going to be “her” you said that being with me was the happiest you’ve been so why did you throw it all away? we shouldn’t have tried … Continue reading R&B


I have so many questions. Who: Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? For you to plant sunflowers in me, only to rip them at their roots from the garden in my heart. What: What crazy thoughts were going through your head? What made you think that you could destroy me without destroying yourself? The one place you sought refuge … Continue reading 5W1H

Repeat After Me

Repeat after me: You miss the feeling of being in love Giving your everything to someone unconditionally Because they meant that much to you You patiently wait for his attention, a text, a call, anything. But while you’re up late at night worrying about him, not once, do you cross his mind. Repeat after me: You deserve so much more than staying up each night, … Continue reading Repeat After Me

Updated Cowardice

Stick through the excusesof old rationality forcing two polarizing forces into sympathy. you can’t be seen if not first touched! but do not! do not! touch me for fear I might touch you? and so we stand here with fingers pointed in accusations implied when internally stricken with nerves touching signals touching people touching fear in those same old same old glances. I fear we … Continue reading Updated Cowardice

she really thought you loved her. look at what your love has become.

she really thought you loved her.  look at what your love has become.   she fell for you you let her believe that the words spewing out of your poisoned lips were love. days and nights spent writing writing furiously about your so called “love” which drove her crazy she was damaged. you came into her life at the perfect time she needed someone. someone … Continue reading she really thought you loved her. look at what your love has become.

Mother Nature

Women are like nature, yes,   but their relation is most deeply rooted in their ability to grow back after being run over.   Withstanding both floods and droughts, women withstand, as nature withstands.   Yes, women are gentle like flowers, but they overcome destruction by the hands of men;   A destruction the trees know too well, a violence in which our ecosystem is too … Continue reading Mother Nature

2 AM

Endless summer nights, cruising through the empty streets Peacefulness fills the air as time passes by slowly Sinking in that I’ll only be your 2 AM calls He needs someone to talk to That’s me When will you be my 2 AM calls? Thinking about how things would be different if I was the one Sleepless nights, bloodshot eyes The face that’s becoming unfamiliar, who … Continue reading 2 AM