Saturation II Review

The boy band rap group BROCKHAMPTON has done it again. They’ve composed a sequel to Saturation called Saturation II and this one is even better than the first. The whole album shows each artist’s strong points and as a group. With songs like “GUMMY” and “TOKYO” on the album, it really highlights the group’s artistic dynamic. Would it be a BROCKHAMPTON album if Kevin Abstract … Continue reading Saturation II Review


The Importantance of Queer Visibility In Rap

When it comes to queer representation in the rap/hip-hop community, there is little to none. There are rarely ever any LGBT+ rappers or entertainers in this genre, and when there is they are usually extremely underrated. It is already hard to relate to rappers these days as a queer person, but music is music and you are meant to enjoy it, although having representation would make … Continue reading The Importantance of Queer Visibility In Rap