Knives Out (2019) REVIEW – The Whodunit of the Decade

There’s a saying, that all good things come to those who wait. In this case, waiting doesn’t mean a week, a month, or even a year. When it came to the production of Knives Out, it took director Rian Johnson ten years to allow his riveting mystery movie to marinate. The first scene of the film was pitched a decade ago; now, it thrives on … Continue reading Knives Out (2019) REVIEW – The Whodunit of the Decade


The Mandalorian (2019-) REVIEW – A Star Wars Spaghetti Western

As the Star Wars universe expands, as does its lore, and with its lore, come more intriguing characters that deepen the intensity of the beloved space saga. Meet The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), a stark drifter of little words. After the fall of the Empire, prior to the First Order, the solitary gunslinger searches for his bounty in a galaxy far, far away. Announced back in … Continue reading The Mandalorian (2019-) REVIEW – A Star Wars Spaghetti Western

We Need to Talk About the Academy Awards…

Despite the usual controversy and problematic noise around any awards show, there’s something peculiar about The Oscars, or the Academy Awards, this year. The show, still scheduled for Sunday, February 24, still lacks a host and lacks substance. Comedian Kevin Hart withdrew from the position of the host after his homophobic comments had surfaced and his public shaming followed in suit. Hart refused to apologize … Continue reading We Need to Talk About the Academy Awards…

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) REVIEW

Ten years ago, I recall gazing up at the screen where genius-playboy-billionaire-philanthropist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) was set to the task of navigating himself out of a hostage situation in Afghanistan in Iron Man (2008.) Stark, who canonically has a heart condition and anxiety, was a new breed of character. Despite his arrogant bravado, it was important to see the representation of physical and mental … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War (2018) REVIEW

What Really Is Theatre?

The world of theatre is so unique and different than any other art form. When you hear the term ‘theatre’, you probably think of Shakespeare or musicals. Although, there is so much more to it than Shakespearean words and fun dance numbers. If you’re someone who doesn’t associate themselves with theatre much, you’re most likely very curious about it. That being said, I’m here to … Continue reading What Really Is Theatre?

Breaking Stereotypes: I Am An Asian Teen With a Love For Theater

I am a 16-year-old Korean girl living in Seattle. Looking at my life, I’m in the type of circumstances that you might find amongst what society considers the “stereotypical Asians”. Let’s rewind for a second and take a look at the course of my life. I spent the last eight years of my life thinking about college. I spent a huge amount of my life … Continue reading Breaking Stereotypes: I Am An Asian Teen With a Love For Theater

5 Ways To Prepare For A Theater Audition

Have an audition coming up and want to be prepared? Here are five ways that you can prep yourself for your theater tryouts!   Become familiar with the show. If you don’t already have a good understanding of the show, make sure that you do before your audition. Learn the names and traits of the main characters and become familiar with the plot and major … Continue reading 5 Ways To Prepare For A Theater Audition

Koty DeCent – A Young Musician With Big Dreams

Meet Koty Decent. Koty is a nineteen-year-old musician currently residing in North Platte, Nebraska. Locally, he is best known for his music, along with his performances at a local cafe, where he sings and plays the guitar every other Friday. Koty has big dreams when it comes to the future of his music career. He shared that he plans to move to California to further … Continue reading Koty DeCent – A Young Musician With Big Dreams

Hamilton on the West End: Review and Reflections

Yes- It deserves the hype. Hamilton has become a groundbreaking, convention-defying, award-winning international phenomenon; but at the same time is it so much more. It is the topical, powerful and unapologetic musical which the world (not just America) needs right now. Packed with rap, hip-hop and R’n’B, infused with expert lyricism and masterful motifs, Lin Manuel Miranda’s soundtrack comes alive on stage. 17th Century political … Continue reading Hamilton on the West End: Review and Reflections

What’s Your Damage? Thoughts on Heathers

One score and ten years ago our fathers brought forth the antidote to the monotony of vapid teen movies: Heathers. The 1988 cult classic stars Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as a high school couple who want to end the evil reign of the popular girls (all named Heather), by any means necessary. Beloved by Gen Z and Gen X alike, the film set a baseline for … Continue reading What’s Your Damage? Thoughts on Heathers

Interview with Erin Anastasia

Erin Anastasia is a twenty-four-year-old poet from New Jersey. She has over 10,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she publishes videos of her own and others’ poetry, conducts interviews with other poets, and hosts discussions on writing and other social issues. Anastasia has always felt a strong connection and love for writing and dabbled in poetry during middle and high school. During her senior … Continue reading Interview with Erin Anastasia

Interview with Megan Falley

Megan Falley is a twenty-year-old poet and is the co-founder of the touring group, SPEAK LIKE A GIRL. She is also the creator of the online writing course, Poems that Don’t Suck, and her YouTube videos have collectively reached over one million views. She was born in New York and has lived there throughout her life. She is currently based in Colorado, but tours frequently. Falley has always … Continue reading Interview with Megan Falley

Interview with Rhiannon McGavin

Rhiannon McGavin is a twenty-year-old actress and poet. Her Condensed Shakespeare videos, impassioned poetry, and casual chats have caused over 37,000 people to subscribe to her YouTube channel. She currently lives in Los Angeles but has read her poetry in a variety of different locations inside and outside of the United States. “Between the bicycles and cheap wine, I’m satisfied anytime I can read in … Continue reading Interview with Rhiannon McGavin

Interview with Natasha Hooper

Natasha Denise Hooper is a twenty-four-year-old poet, spoken word artist, activist and host. She is originally from Austin, Texas but is currently residing in San Diego, California. Hooper’s work has been featured on a variety of prominent outlets such as Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, and All Def Poetry. Her interest in writing and performing began in high school after watching a lot of spoken … Continue reading Interview with Natasha Hooper

Just in time for Wyvern Lingo: catching up with one of Ireland’s best up-and-coming bands

“A classic band failure.” That’s how Karen Cowley of Irish trio Wyvern Lingo described the overly-long soundcheck that delayed our phoner. It’s the first glimpse of modesty and humor I’d encounter from the frontwoman of this exceedingly busy emerging act. This is just one instance of many in the band’s hectic schedule: after providing backing vocals for and touring with fellow Irish breakout star Hozier, … Continue reading Just in time for Wyvern Lingo: catching up with one of Ireland’s best up-and-coming bands

Bay Faction- On Jasper and Pop Music

Interview conducted on 5 Jan 2018 with members James McDermott, Kris Roman To be entirely honest, I never know how bands are going to speak to me as I am interviewing them. It could really only go one of two ways: either super pretentious and annoyingly hipster, or kind, funny artists who are eager to tell their story. Bay Faction maintains a mysterious aesthetic, so … Continue reading Bay Faction- On Jasper and Pop Music

Jules Johnson: Teen Author Interview

Jules Johnson: a name you’ve probably never heard of before but you soon will. A published author at seventeen, take a look at my interview with her and how she talks about her debut book The Living List. –Jules– please introduce yourself! Well, I’m Jules, I’m a published author now, which is still really weird to say-and I am sitting on my couch with my … Continue reading Jules Johnson: Teen Author Interview

Some of the Best Broadway Musicals of 2017

Each year there is a mad rush of shows opening and a myriad of old ones gaining momentum before the Tony Awards. As 2017 is coming to an end and we are about to swing into 2018, I have decided to do a roundup of some of my favorite shows: Waitress In Waitress, Tony winner Jesse Mueller plays a diner server stuck in an unhappy … Continue reading Some of the Best Broadway Musicals of 2017

Gary Oldman Shines In ‘The Darkest Hour’

“I smell an Oscar nomination,” Chicago-based film critic Dann Gire said as he settled into his seat before the screening of The Darkest Hour began. Gire’s estimation isn’t far off as Gary Oldman delivers his most riveting and notable performance in The Darkest Hour and flourishes as Winston Churchill. The film stands strong and tall as one of the most prominent biopic films that supplement Dunkirk as the … Continue reading Gary Oldman Shines In ‘The Darkest Hour’

Blue Skies in November

November /nə(ʊ)ˈvɛmbə/ noun The month when Halloween has finished but Christmas has not yet begun. A month of cloudy skies, dark nights, dreary days and bleak landscapes. Not the month you would expect a photography article to capture. Synonyms: Boring, cold, grey, desolate, harsh, biting. It’s rare you find a day in November so perfect it could have been from a storybook. Those days are reserved … Continue reading Blue Skies in November

Thor: Ragnarok Review

NO SPOILERS Five years. Five long years we have been waiting it out for the final film in Marvel’s Thor trilogy: but never fear, Marvel fans- it was worth it. Hilarious, on-the-nose and carried by a brilliant electro/Led Zeppelin score (composed by Mark Mothersbaugh), Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel’s visual representation of throwing the rulebook out of the window. It has stunning cinematography, keeping all the … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Review


I wanted to try something new, once again, and implement fashion photography. So I got $60 went thrifting and styled my friends as models. I want theses pictures to not only represent my style but others as well. Lately I’ve be been interested with street fashion and photography which lies parallel with my Obey series. Majority of these clothes I’ll be selling in depop. Enjoy … Continue reading 90’s CULTURE SHOCK

Trusting Yourself

Mumbled conversations In her one-two-beat of a heart That nearly rivals the brain’s intellect And The soul’s whim. Whispers transcend shouts As humanity overpowers sanity which explains the infrequency of the pitter patter. Sometimes The heart stops altogether. And in these peculiarities That make up most of her time, She trusts her brain or soul As a dog trusts a master Or a husband his … Continue reading Trusting Yourself

Summers End- The Ancient Pagan Festival of Mabon

Everyone loves the start of autumn. Hot chocolate, Halloween candy, sweater weather, beautiful leaves and finally waving goodbye to the bugs that have been buzzing around you for months! As well as this, for many people around the world, the start of autumn is one of the most important times of the year. The 22nd of September marks the autumn equinox: when day and night … Continue reading Summers End- The Ancient Pagan Festival of Mabon

Why Cinema Cannot Be Dying: A Poem

And thus, darkness falls at any hour, encapsulating eager audiences with widened eyes that stretch into curious moons. Vibration trembles within the thick bone of diaphragm as it wracks each and every being as their skin crawls and hair draws erect. Let it be the score as if it was conducted by Apollo himself Coaxing the raw emotion from its depthful hiding within the soul … Continue reading Why Cinema Cannot Be Dying: A Poem

Wicker Park Adventure

Wicker Park is what I like to consider the “Los Angeles” of the Chicago area. Wicker Park is known for its local hipster culture and large art community. The neighborhood is extremely popular and is known for hosting emerging bands, high fashion boutiques, gourmet restaurants and bakeries, European-style cafes, and artsy businesses. The area mostly consists of young adults, but it used to be the … Continue reading Wicker Park Adventure

A Gal in Galena

On a whim, my mom and I decided to go on a three hour road trip to Galena, Illinois. I’ve read numerous articles calling the town the best in the United States which made me interested on visiting this small town located on the border of Illinois. The town is practically frozen in  time due to its well-preserved 19th-century buildings. Galena looks exactly the same … Continue reading A Gal in Galena

Magnificent Coloring World Tour

Almost half of the year has gone right before our eyes! I can’t believe how fast time passes that I’m still reminiscing all of the joyful events that have happened to me so far. One being able to see Chance the Rapper live back in January. He kicked it off with his third mixtape Coloring Book and soon began his Magnificent Coloring World Tour. If you have the chance to … Continue reading Magnificent Coloring World Tour

New Artists Can Save Old Music

With the rising popularity of music genres that appeal to their targeted young audiences, it’s been increasingly more difficult for older generations to find music that speaks to them in this day and age. The memories of visiting record stores, and finding the brand new Ella Fitzgerald, or Steely Dan vinyl are over. Though such albums are still mostly available in vintage shops, The rates … Continue reading New Artists Can Save Old Music

Mother Nature

Women are like nature, yes,   but their relation is most deeply rooted in their ability to grow back after being run over.   Withstanding both floods and droughts, women withstand, as nature withstands.   Yes, women are gentle like flowers, but they overcome destruction by the hands of men;   A destruction the trees know too well, a violence in which our ecosystem is too … Continue reading Mother Nature

Café Gratitude

I was always a huge skeptic on the whole “vegan” eating lifestyle. I grew up in a (polish) home that runs on animal products so I thought that eating foods without animal products was insane and probably unappetizing, boy I was wrong. During my latest trip to California, my sister and I visited the Café Gratitude location in Larchmont. Upon arriving the atmosphere was very friendly … Continue reading Café Gratitude

IRONTOM: oddity at its finest

This past November, my best friend and I paid $15 to see Finish Ticket at a small venue in Colorado. This venue is an awesome little place with tons of character in and of itself, but it got a whole lot weirder after this band came on. Let’s set the scene. We’re standing in the crowd with a few other people who got there early. … Continue reading IRONTOM: oddity at its finest