Trying it Out

For four and a half years, I’ve gone without a phone. This isn’t because my mother suddenly decided I didn’t need one, rather, I dropped the last one down a drain and never asked for a new one. But finally, my mum decided that it was enough. She’d gotten bored of not being able to stay in contact with me. Therefore, I felt it fitting … Continue reading Trying it Out


Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium

Recently, I went to the Wonders of Wildlife museum and aquarium in Springfield, Missouri, my hometown. I really enjoyed the experience of seeing live animals from all over the world in the aquarium, including numerous clownfish, smaller sharks, and spider crabs, just to name a few. I also went to the wildlife museum part, which had taxidermied animals from places such as Africa or Antartica. … Continue reading Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium

Blue Skies in November

November /nə(ʊ)ˈvɛmbə/ noun The month when Halloween has finished but Christmas has not yet begun. A month of cloudy skies, dark nights, dreary days and bleak landscapes. Not the month you would expect a photography article to capture. Synonyms: Boring, cold, grey, desolate, harsh, biting. It’s rare you find a day in November so perfect it could have been from a storybook. Those days are reserved … Continue reading Blue Skies in November

Summers End- The Ancient Pagan Festival of Mabon

Everyone loves the start of autumn. Hot chocolate, Halloween candy, sweater weather, beautiful leaves and finally waving goodbye to the bugs that have been buzzing around you for months! As well as this, for many people around the world, the start of autumn is one of the most important times of the year. The 22nd of September marks the autumn equinox: when day and night … Continue reading Summers End- The Ancient Pagan Festival of Mabon

Serenity in Swizerland

This summer, I travelled for one week around the French/Swiss border. Our base for the week was the stunning skiing resort and world-famous mountain biking town of Morzine. From local honey to white water rafting, from extreme mountain biking to relaxing hikes in the forest, this town is a microcosm for European mountain living. There is nothing like swinging in a chairlift high in the … Continue reading Serenity in Swizerland