The Problem with “Stan” Twitter

If you have any online presence, more specifically, if you are a Twitter user, you are likely to be familiar with the subcommunity of “Stan” Twitter. “Stans” or users that categorize themselves in this cult-like subculture often run fan accounts for specific franchises of entertainment. Popular “stan” groups include Marvel Studios, DC Entertainment, Korean Pop or “K-Pop,” anime, and Ariana Grande’s fanbase. Thought these are … Continue reading The Problem with “Stan” Twitter



Visiting other countries is always an amazing experience and something that a traveler will remember for the rest of their life. I discovered this summer that learning more about other cultures helps a person to expand their thinking and become more global. Traveling to Taipei, Taiwan was something that I never thought that a homebody like me would do, but after staying for a couple … Continue reading GLUETRAVELS: Taiwan

Why We Should Celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth, a holiday on the 19th of June, celebrates the end of slavery and the newfound freedom. It’s mainly observed in the United States and not very well known among races outside of African Americans. Also known as Freedom day and Emancipation day, it honors the day that Major General Gordon Granger, who was part of the Union, announced to Texas the abolishment of slavery. … Continue reading Why We Should Celebrate Juneteenth

Cambridge- A City of Aspiration

This month, I was lucky enough to visit the City of Cambridge with my school. As well as being home to the 31 colleges of Cambridge University, one of the most renowned and prestigious universities in the world, the town is steeped in centuries of rich history and famous figures, from Stephen Hawking to Lord Byron. If you are lucky enough to join the tourists, … Continue reading Cambridge- A City of Aspiration

Dream Variations by Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was a writer, playwright, activist, and poet during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. The Harlem Renaissance is described as being a period in which African Americans expressed their pride for their culture and life through different forms of art. Hughes wrote many poems about black struggles during his time and many of his poems had a jazz or black folk rhythm to … Continue reading Dream Variations by Langston Hughes

Inspiring Memories

These three pictures were taken at an intersection in the famous ByWard market in Ottowa. It only portrays three corners of the four-way intersection. If these photographs are looked at closely, it becomes clear that I was standing at the remaining corner and the picture of where I am standing is missing in this collection. I captured these three photos and posted them in this … Continue reading Inspiring Memories

2018 Phoenix Women’s March

Yesterday I attended the 2nd Annual Women’s March in Phoenix, Arizona. I got there around 9 a.m. so there were plenty of people there already. Everywhere I looked someone was holding an awesome sign displaying a creative call-to-action. Before the march began, my mom, aunt, sister and I walked around to the different booths with signs and buttons. I bought a couple of buttons and … Continue reading 2018 Phoenix Women’s March

Friends With Memories I’ll Never Forget

At school one day I was hanging out with my friends and decided to take some pictures of them. I love these photos because it reminds me of all the great people I have around me that I’ve definitely made some amazing memories with! I am so glad to have all these people in my life! I’ll never forget the memories I have made with … Continue reading Friends With Memories I’ll Never Forget

Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium

Recently, I went to the Wonders of Wildlife museum and aquarium in Springfield, Missouri, my hometown. I really enjoyed the experience of seeing live animals from all over the world in the aquarium, including numerous clownfish, smaller sharks, and spider crabs, just to name a few. I also went to the wildlife museum part, which had taxidermied animals from places such as Africa or Antartica. … Continue reading Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium

christmas in chicago

I’ve never actually been downtown when all the beautiful Christmas decorations are up and festivities are occurring. Today, I decided to visit the Christkindlmarket for the first time. For those who don’t live in Illinois, Christkindlmarket is a Christmas market that is held annually in Chicago. The festival itself was way more individuals than I was expecting. There was a lot of vendors with foods … Continue reading christmas in chicago


Our society is defined by a rigid scaffold of ideas. From the roles and expectations forced upon us from birth, to the monochrome path of an ordinary life: Birth, school, marriage, work, death. Birth, school, marriage, work, death. Birth, school, marriage, work, death. Conformity. Uncompromising rigidity. But what if it wasn’t? What if life was defined by movement, dance, experimentation and freedom? What if we lived as … Continue reading fluidity.

12 Things To Get Excited For About Winter

  •  With winter quickly approaching some people become ecstatic and are ready for the holidays…but some of us struggle to get into a good mood about the holidays! So here is a list of the 20 best things about this winter! •67E93327-6F68-46EC-9F39-A44EE470EBB6
  1. I know we are all thinking it so let’s just get it out of the way…FOOD! Wether it’s Christmas dinner or a pancake breakfast, food is a key part to some happy holidays. 8AA4A6A0-6DCE-4FE1-A97A-F7C0FF8E01AA
  2. Decorations! No matter what you celebrate decorations are everywhere! All the lights add to the winter feel. 76586673-8061-4384-B5FF-F773FBD469A9.jpeg
  3. Holiday music! There is a song for literally every mood over the holidays!84E490F7-934A-4938-BCC0-7B5FF1DA464D
  4. Snow! Snow is one of the key parts to winter! In a way it ties together all the holiday vibes! (Tip: If you live somewhere where its to warm to snow they take a road trip somewhere cooler over break!)CB52E4A7-4C2D-4F5C-9E82-B233E60F3501
  5. Ice skating! Outdoor or indoor ice skating can really make your day and put you in a good mood!79D6CFA5-9DB9-42D4-AD11-5610BD114DE0
  6. Hot chocolate! The original winter drink! (Tip: a good substitute could be coffee with peppermint creamer!)5BFB07A2-2EBE-4511-AAEA-B508D120F7B5
  7. Time with family and friends! Winter holidays can often be very stressful so it is important to relax a bit with people you hold close!CE1C78AC-544C-490B-955A-A1EBA7C08ED0
  8. Picking out a tree! Or picking out any other decorations at setting up your house!2379A5F2-98F4-494C-BA26-8EE23EC907D5
  9. Suspense…… as a kid I can remeber the feeling of excitement while going to sleep hoping Santa would come in the night. It made Christmas so exciting for me! Try doing a gift exchange with family and friends to bring some suspense back!1EEB541F-D9BB-4FAC-A832-B50CDFFFFD67
  10. New music in 2018! Look for your favorite artists and bands who may be pushing out some new tunes for the new year!BF883C79-6D65-46EA-ACD5-72AE7A7FA413
  11. Giving! In the business off the holidays it’s easy to become greedy and want more than you give. We often forget how good it can feel to give to others, try giving an unexpected gift to someone.25031005-6584-4B05-AC2C-7FB858EAF41A
  12. Take a care day! Holidays are stressful! In taking care of others you put stress on yourself! So try and take a day off from baking and wrapping and just relax!

Continue reading “12 Things To Get Excited For About Winter”

Ja Rule & Ashanti Takes On Hawai’i

This past weekend, I’ve got to experience and listen to the classic rapper Ja Rule and R&B princess Ashanti. I couldn’t believe that I was given the chance to listen to such iconic songs that my 8-year-old self used to jam to. Till this day I love their songs such as Foolish, Always on Time, What’s Luv, Mesmerize, Put It On Me. No matter how many years … Continue reading Ja Rule & Ashanti Takes On Hawai’i

Blue Skies in November

November /nə(ʊ)ˈvɛmbə/ noun The month when Halloween has finished but Christmas has not yet begun. A month of cloudy skies, dark nights, dreary days and bleak landscapes. Not the month you would expect a photography article to capture. Synonyms: Boring, cold, grey, desolate, harsh, biting. It’s rare you find a day in November so perfect it could have been from a storybook. Those days are reserved … Continue reading Blue Skies in November

My Trip to The Indianapolis Museum of Art

Two weeks ago, on October 27, I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I’ve never been to a museum this huge, or a museum so diverse, so you can say it was quite the experience. I loved how they had statues from different cultures and religions, like Buddhism, and I enjoyed seeing some classic art pieces. I miss this place so much and if … Continue reading My Trip to The Indianapolis Museum of Art

National FFA Convention: My Experience

Today, October 25, 2017, was the kickoff for the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was given the privilege to be chosen to go along with twelve other chapter members, and I have been forever grateful. Luckily, I got to be able to photograph parts of the Opening Session, which was a kickoff event with about 60,000 FFA members from all over the United … Continue reading National FFA Convention: My Experience

Everything You Need To Know About The Visual Novel Maker

The newly announced Visual Novel Maker will be an easy to use, powerful tool designed to let creators of any expertise, whether they can program or not, to make simple or extremely detailed Visual Novels. “With Visual Novel Maker, anyone can be a developer.” I can already see online digital artists eager to convert their webcomic to this new medium.   Using an effortless creating … Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About The Visual Novel Maker


I wanted to try something new, once again, and implement fashion photography. So I got $60 went thrifting and styled my friends as models. I want theses pictures to not only represent my style but others as well. Lately I’ve be been interested with street fashion and photography which lies parallel with my Obey series. Majority of these clothes I’ll be selling in depop. Enjoy … Continue reading 90’s CULTURE SHOCK