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    When the ‘strangers’ land

    When I was in Iceland, I felt the connection between the local people and nature. It’s pure. But with this photo-series, I want to show the other side, when ‘the strangers’ land to this beautiful creation. We can “see” a wall between them. They don’t want to fit in it, just capture them selves WITH it. […] More

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    Never Ever

    As the sun approached its high noon position in the clear winter Utah sky, my legs ached from their morning workout of tackling moguls on the ski slopes. Longing for a respite, I zig-zagged down the hill, heading toward the hotel room for lunch. With a click, I snapped off both skis, knocking them together […] More

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    No One Has A Face

    08For me, it’s really important to create myself, especially through the art. My self/ selfie/ self-portrait inspired me to take these photos, called ‘No one has a face’ to not present, but express myself. I took some different selfies before that, but this journal based on, how a “popular selfie-style” can appear as a “broken selfie”, showing a broken […] More