Unfortunately, we all do things that grant us inevitable stresses. Now, feeling stressed isn’t necessarily something you have to feel, but let’s face it, most people get shaky from time to time, some of us more than others. A few go with the flow and shrug off the anxiety. A hearty kudos to them. But whether it be work, school, family, friends, hobbies, or whatever… … Continue reading The BENEFIT of PROCRASTINATION


12 Things To Get Excited For About Winter

  •  With winter quickly approaching some people become ecstatic and are ready for the holidays…but some of us struggle to get into a good mood about the holidays! So here is a list of the 20 best things about this winter! •67E93327-6F68-46EC-9F39-A44EE470EBB6
  1. I know we are all thinking it so let’s just get it out of the way…FOOD! Wether it’s Christmas dinner or a pancake breakfast, food is a key part to some happy holidays. 8AA4A6A0-6DCE-4FE1-A97A-F7C0FF8E01AA
  2. Decorations! No matter what you celebrate decorations are everywhere! All the lights add to the winter feel. 76586673-8061-4384-B5FF-F773FBD469A9.jpeg
  3. Holiday music! There is a song for literally every mood over the holidays!84E490F7-934A-4938-BCC0-7B5FF1DA464D
  4. Snow! Snow is one of the key parts to winter! In a way it ties together all the holiday vibes! (Tip: If you live somewhere where its to warm to snow they take a road trip somewhere cooler over break!)CB52E4A7-4C2D-4F5C-9E82-B233E60F3501
  5. Ice skating! Outdoor or indoor ice skating can really make your day and put you in a good mood!79D6CFA5-9DB9-42D4-AD11-5610BD114DE0
  6. Hot chocolate! The original winter drink! (Tip: a good substitute could be coffee with peppermint creamer!)5BFB07A2-2EBE-4511-AAEA-B508D120F7B5
  7. Time with family and friends! Winter holidays can often be very stressful so it is important to relax a bit with people you hold close!CE1C78AC-544C-490B-955A-A1EBA7C08ED0
  8. Picking out a tree! Or picking out any other decorations at setting up your house!2379A5F2-98F4-494C-BA26-8EE23EC907D5
  9. Suspense…… as a kid I can remeber the feeling of excitement while going to sleep hoping Santa would come in the night. It made Christmas so exciting for me! Try doing a gift exchange with family and friends to bring some suspense back!1EEB541F-D9BB-4FAC-A832-B50CDFFFFD67
  10. New music in 2018! Look for your favorite artists and bands who may be pushing out some new tunes for the new year!BF883C79-6D65-46EA-ACD5-72AE7A7FA413
  11. Giving! In the business off the holidays it’s easy to become greedy and want more than you give. We often forget how good it can feel to give to others, try giving an unexpected gift to someone.25031005-6584-4B05-AC2C-7FB858EAF41A
  12. Take a care day! Holidays are stressful! In taking care of others you put stress on yourself! So try and take a day off from baking and wrapping and just relax!

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What’s Good? Gucci Is Thanks To Alessandro Michele

Featured Image from Harper’s Bazaar Ever since 2015, when Alessandro Michele challenged the boring minimalism that had taken over the runway, Gucci simply has been flourishing. People left his first show in awe of his use of maximalism solely because they actually liked it. This was a time where everything looked like Calvin Klein before Raf Simons, so nobody was expecting a newcomer like Alessandro … Continue reading What’s Good? Gucci Is Thanks To Alessandro Michele

EXCLUSIVE: First Listen of Brooklyn White’s Lead Single “Glosstafari” Prod. Don D

Hailing from New York, R&B/Hip Hop artist Brooklyn White releases a GLUE exclusive with “Glosstafari.” Surrounded with sultry yet powerful club-esque beats, “Glosstafari” will make you feel like a BAD ASS walking down the street, at a party, in the shower, or wherever you are. White makes it clear she is NOT to be messed with as she IS the “creme de la creme”. White’s … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: First Listen of Brooklyn White’s Lead Single “Glosstafari” Prod. Don D

Unrequited: A Playlist

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you find out the one you have feelings for doesn’t feel the same, otherwise known as unrequited love. It can bring on a heap of confusing, complicated, and overwhelming emotions. Angriness, sorrow, bitterness, despair. Words can only begin to describe the pain you may be feeling. But, to help ease said pain, I’ve compiled a … Continue reading Unrequited: A Playlist

”Pink Whale” Is Spreading Positivity and Kindness

I think that by now everyone has heard of the sinister game called “Blue Whale“. If somehow you haven’t, “Blue Whale” is a Russian game, where players are assigned 50 tasks over the course of 50 days by a “curator”. These tasks range from waking up at unusual hours, listening to a particular song, to self-harm and on the 50th day, suicide. The player needs … Continue reading ”Pink Whale” Is Spreading Positivity and Kindness