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    What’s Good? Gucci Is Thanks To Alessandro Michele

    Featured Image from Harper’s Bazaar Ever since 2015, when Alessandro Michele challenged the boring minimalism that had taken over the runway, Gucci simply has been flourishing. People left his first show in awe of his use of maximalism solely because they actually liked it. This was a time where everything looked like Calvin Klein before […] More

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    EXCLUSIVE: First Listen of Brooklyn White’s Lead Single “Glosstafari” Prod. Don D

    Hailing from New York, R&B/Hip Hop artist Brooklyn White releases a GLUE exclusive with “Glosstafari.” Surrounded with sultry yet powerful club-esque beats, “Glosstafari” will make you feel like a BAD ASS walking down the street, at a party, in the shower, or wherever you are. White makes it clear she is NOT to be messed […] More

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    Unrequited: A Playlist

    One of the worst feelings in the world is when you find out the one you have feelings for doesn’t feel the same, otherwise known as unrequited love. It can bring on a heap of confusing, complicated, and overwhelming emotions. Angriness, sorrow, bitterness, despair. Words can only begin to describe the pain you may be […] More

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    ”Pink Whale” Is Spreading Positivity and Kindness

    I think that by now everyone has heard of the sinister game called “Blue Whale“. If somehow you haven’t, “Blue Whale” is a Russian game, where players are assigned 50 tasks over the course of 50 days by a “curator”. These tasks range from waking up at unusual hours, listening to a particular song, to […] More