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    Straight From The Bag

    I sat down with my younger sister, Alissa Banks, as she took me on a tour through her makeup bags to discuss her top 15 favorite products she uses daily when she “beats” her face. Here’s what she has to say… Tarte “Rainforest of the Sea” Aquacealer concealer: “I really like it because it’s a […] More

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    A$AP Rocky’s Problematic Dior Shirt

    In early June, the A$AP Mob released a video for the song “Wrong,” in which it features A$AP Rocky wearing Maria Grazia Chiuri’s t-shirt that says “We Should All Be Feminists.” Now, I enjoy A$AP Rocky’s face just as much as the next girl and even though this was a very evident brand deal, it […] More

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    What’s Good? Gucci Is Thanks To Alessandro Michele

    Featured Image from Harper’s Bazaar Ever since 2015, when Alessandro Michele challenged the boring minimalism that had taken over the runway, Gucci simply has been flourishing. People left his first show in awe of his use of maximalism solely because they actually liked it. This was a time where everything looked like Calvin Klein before […] More

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    Top Ten Multicultural Cruelty-Free Foundation Shades

    We need to start by stating the obvious: there are so many different colors of people in this world. So why does it feel like most makeup companies only seem to offer the same few options for a foundation color: ivory, tan, medium and ebony? Well, my friends, I have compiled a list of the […] More

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    The Hidden Truth Behind Vogue’s August Cover

    Photo by Inez and Vinoodh for Vogue Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably saw Vogue’s latest editorial with Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. You also probably heard all the outrage that exploded regarding the cover, because the theme of the August cover story was gender fluidity. Naturally, everyone was confused as […] More

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    Seven Fashion Brands That Benefit The World And Not Just Your Wardrobe

    We live in a world where people really care about keeping up with the latest trends, but sometimes, our favorite brands, have a more negative impact on our planet than we may think. There are, however, ways in which we can shop without worrying about the lasting effect it’ll have on our planet. There are […] More

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    Viktor & Rolf Accused of Stealing Intern Applicant’s Designs in PFW17

    Paris Fashion Week 2017 was a whirlwind of different events. This was the first fashion week since Lucinda Chambers, former Fashion Director of British Vogue, was fired. The exposing interview with Chambers for Vestoj, a fashion news outlet, seemed to hang in the air all week. This caused a noisy silence within the walls of […] More

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    What “Sex and the City” Taught Me

           I recently finished all six seasons of Sex and the City and as I was sitting in my room crying my eyes out as Carrie and Big finally united on the streets of Paris, I realized how many life lessons I have learned from the women on this show. I can credit Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, […] More

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    Alexa Chung Pre-Fall 2017 Review

    The most interesting part of the fashion industry for me is the idea that you never know what to expect. Alexa Chung’s collection may have been very put together and Alexa-ish, but it didn’t have any element of surprise. I have always adored Alexa and the wit and originality she brought to the fashion industry, […] More

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    Come on, VOGUE! – Social Media’s Bludgeoning of Fashion

    The word best suited to describe the fast-paced movement of the world of fashion is transformative. Fashion can allow for an entirely different persona through the zipping of a boot, and also decide what personas are best with the glossy images of a new editorial. However, as we continue through 2017, and reflect on the […] More

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    may favorites

    as may comes to an end and june rolls around, i thought i would share with you some of my favorite things that i came across this month. i also plan to make monthly favorites a monthly routine, so if you enjoy this, there will be more to come! monthly favorites will have four categories: […] More

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    Why Anna Wintour Is And Always Will Be Everything

    As you may know, Anna Wintour was recently made a Dame at Buckingham Palace for her contributions to the world of fashion and journalism. A dame is equivalent to a knight…if that doesn’t prove that she can do it all, I’m not sure what will. Anna Wintour has been one of the most influential voices […] More

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    Honoring Rei Kawakubo

    Reticent and revolutionary. Those words aren’t often used to describe the same person, but Rei Kawakubo is an exception. RK radically changed the concept of avant-garde fashion by emphasizing the concept of fashion as art. Everyone knows Rei’s work as a revolutionary fashion designer is being honored at this year’s Met Gala. I can’t say […] More

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    The Newest Neutral in Fashion: Gender

    Fashion evolves with the times. The industry is always on top of trends and forecasting future ones. With the concept of gender slowly becoming more fluid in society, the fashion industry is gradually taking on the task of blurring the line between gender and clothing. With stars like Jaden Smith sporting fashion-forward skirts, Ruby Rose […] More