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    In this room, there is a desk I sit at, a phone that I answer -only when it rings- and a dull sense of boredom that, despite aching burns too slowly to create a fire. I read a book, most days, but others i’ll drag my pen across paper either in creativity or requirement. A […] More

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    Baby Powdered Dreams

    Within the wild parade of my issues, nightmares and terrors rule after hours, keeping everything out of check. I’ve always had very vivid dreams and semi-frequent nightmares, but over the past year, they’ve become more noticeable. I’ll wake up out of breath, panic breaking through the blanket of sedatives and anti-anxiety medications. They’re awful and […] More

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    The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Gore Meets Gorgeous

    When Ryan Reynolds isn’t cast in a romantic comedy, he’s cast in a violent one in turn. Coping with the aftermath of a destroyed career when an unknown sniper executes his client from afar, Michael Bryce (Reynolds) had spent the following years protecting assassins from harm’s way and still struggling with the result of losing […] More

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    ⚘ Cacti prick through Fear clouding second grade eagerness Heat in the Empty terrain   ⚘ On a horse, I might gallop To remember all that Once known A hazy state And white minivans Sheltered in jackets of bugs Buckled in With rattlesnakes I yell at my Father That He isn’t being Safe.   ⚘ […] More

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    Dead On Set Of Deadpool 2

    Although there is no name to release, on the set of Deadpool 2 shooting of specific scenes had taken place, one including a motorcycling sequence that required stunt doubles. Though the complication of the stunt is withheld, the stunt-woman is reportedly dead. The only information given by police after the investigation had gone underway was […] More

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    past tense

    on days like this, we peel body mass like a rooted prayer & when we sink our elbows into the other’s mouth we are sure water becomes accustomed to memory like skin against eyelash — you ask if there is a gap in your chest and i tear through mine in response. draped & pared. […] More

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    Existing As An Act Of Resistance

    I was so scared after this past election. I remember it so well; I woke up and checked the news, I was angry, I remember that I cried. My grandmother cried, my brother cried. My friend was scared to walk around in her neighborhood. She was scared people would start lynching again. I’m still scared, […] More

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    loving yourself is hard

    isn’t it sad how you are taught from a young age to respect and love others no matter their differences yet we grow up hating ourselves because the stretch marks on our hips and the acne on our forehead or the grades that we have isn’t it sad how you are taught from a young […] More

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    a moment please

    can we take a moment to realise that as humans we clamour for peace while starting wars we beg for unity while creating barriers and divisions we beg to be understood while refusing to understand others we hope for a future while we tear down the present we’ve caused so much destruction to the earth […] More

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    The Dark Tower – More Tower, Less Dark

    The adoption of Stephen King’s novel, The Dark Tower, incorporates a number of cliches into the plot-line in this summer’s somewhat predictable science fiction gunslinger dystopian film. Only the mind of a child can bring down The Dark Tower- a looming guardian that protects worlds from mass destruction and hell-bent harm- and that’s exactly what Jake Chambers (Tom […] More

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    Love Yourself

    It is a beautiful thing to love yourself.   To be able to look into the mirror And not quickly turn away in shame   Instead you look into the mirror And you smile You smile because you see yourself for once   The person you have always wanted To physically see   You can […] More

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    Updated Cowardice

    Stick through the excusesof old rationality forcing two polarizing forces into sympathy. you can’t be seen if not first touched! but do not! do not! touch me for fear I might touch you? and so we stand here with fingers pointed in accusations implied when internally stricken with nerves touching signals touching people touching fear […] More

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    Never Ever

    As the sun approached its high noon position in the clear winter Utah sky, my legs ached from their morning workout of tackling moguls on the ski slopes. Longing for a respite, I zig-zagged down the hill, heading toward the hotel room for lunch. With a click, I snapped off both skis, knocking them together […] More

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    exhaust engine

    at 3 am i divorce myself from the word prude & peel it off in one coarse breath like mulch kissing skin &  the next day the boy whose red-wood tongue remains unscathed gets a tattoo of sweltered cries & when the tree splits open i learn the hymn of the unreserved More

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    The Seer

    The seer’s room was small and quite dark, except from a fat scented candle on the table in the middle of the room. There were no windows and fans, so the air in the room was warm, stalesticky. The room had a very strong odour that I couldn’t place. It was like a potpourri of […] More

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    He used to make you happy But now all he brings you is   Nothing   He unloaded nothing onto your heart And now all you feel is   Nothing   Your numb to the pain Your numb to the happiness Your numb to the world around you   Every smile you flash Every laugh […] More

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