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    Are Beauty Standards Existent?

    Listen, I’m a pale, not entirely skinny, not very tall, and certainly not a very modelesque teenage girl. I’m not upset about that. In fact, I love who I am and have spent many years of my life working towards self-love. However, I understand that according to the standards models have set, I’m not technically […] More

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    Make-up for Males: New Phenomenon or Revisited Trend?

    Nowadays, Instagram is full of a new generation of amateur make-up artists trying their hand at the craft, many of whom have skills to rival professionals. Although it shouldn’t, for many people it comes as a surprise that more and more of these artists are male. Brands such as L’Oréal Paris have recently launched their […] More

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    The Benefits of Water (Achieving a Natural Glow)

    You probably hear the “twitter dermatologists” say: water is the key to clear skin. Are they right? Water has been the key to everything for ages, but what exactly does it do for our skin? Water is fantastic for anti-aging. It keeps your skin cells hydrated and plumps your skin making it look less wrinkled. […] More

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    A Healthy Lifestyle Leads to Long-lasting Beauty

    We always talk about the importance of choosing the right lip gloss, the perfect mascara, the right shade of powder, but have we thought about adopting the right lifestyle to achieve beauty? “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are.” -Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Nutrition widely affects your appearance. For example, teens […] More

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    Straight From The Bag

    I sat down with my younger sister, Alissa Banks, as she took me on a tour through her makeup bags to discuss her top 15 favorite products she uses daily when she “beats” her face. Here’s what she has to say… Tarte “Rainforest of the Sea” Aquacealer concealer: “I really like it because it’s a […] More

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    The Detrimental Effects of Eurocentric Beauty Ideals

    We are all familiar with what Eurocentric beauty ideals encompass: pale skin, straight hair, light eyes etc. You would think that in 2017 these beauty ideals would not be as prevalent in our society but somehow they still are. Essentially, they are ideas that have stemmed from the Western world and have been imposed on […] More

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    Skin Care/Self Care Tips

    With teenagers in this generation, we are peaking both intellectually, socially and physically. The majority of us face high school and the weights associated with it, we have a family life at home to keep up with, and (some) of us have relationship drama both romantically and non-romantically.   I believe we forget to take […] More

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    50 Beauty Tips EVERYONE Should Know!

    Ever wondered how to wake up with that Rihanna-like glow about you in the morning? Yeah, us too. We do however happen to have a stash of pretty nifty low maintenance beauty tips. What’s even better? Everyone can use these tricks! So go forth my friends and shine bright like a diamond.   1. Wash […] More

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    Beauty On a Budget With NYX (10 Lipstick/Lipgloss Hues)

    Although we all long to wear the “trending” shades of lipstick/gloss, we often splurge on expensive lip products, drowning our budget with it.  NYX is famous for creating identical lip gloss and lipstick stick dupes, so save your money and buy a dupe, not the original. Here are my top 10 NYX dupes: 1.) MAC […] More

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    Top Ten Multicultural Cruelty-Free Foundation Shades

    We need to start by stating the obvious: there are so many different colors of people in this world. So why does it feel like most makeup companies only seem to offer the same few options for a foundation color: ivory, tan, medium and ebony? Well, my friends, I have compiled a list of the […] More