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Of course, I adore makeup, but in the past I often found myself spending countless hours reapplying mascara behind my bathroom mirror, hoping makeup products would make my face look perfect. I learned over time that slathering on products on

It may be easy to follow the instructions you get with whatever hair dye you have, but there are trade secrets that the hair dye manufacturers don’t tell you. If the hair dye is ammonia free (usually semi-permanent and

It’s no wonder that dramatic eyeliner is a timeless trend—its ancient origins date back to the Egyptian New Kingdom period and have been a constant throughout history, ultimately sparking the invention of the cat eye. The cat eye is rapidly

I am not a beauty guru, let me make that clear. However, my sister is quite skilled at makeup and I've tried to pick up a few of her tricks. Sometimes my makeup looks decent, but it's always coated with

One of the most anticipated moments has finally been set in stone: Rihanna will be launching her very own beauty line, providing a range of products that will accommodate all types of skin and taste. Rihanna will be launching her very