We are always looking for people to join our expanding team of vibrant staff members and we are grateful for your interest! We are currently looking for writers, people interested in helping us expand our IGTV segments, social media managers, and people who are skilled in graphic design.

Some requirements to apply:

  1. All positions are available for people ages 13-19.
  2. You MUST have some form of social media.
  3. You MUST provide your current and active e-mail address
  4. You MUST have writing samples or proof of your work if you are applying in a different category.

Due to a high volume of applicants – we usually respond to applications within 2-4 weeks. An approval e-mail does not mean you have been taken in as a writer, photographer, graphic designer etc. It simply means we are interested in you and would like to see your work. A sample of your work will be requested in this e-mail. Once you clear this stage, you will most likely receive an e-mail regarding your application’s status within a few days. If you are not asked as a staff member for GLUE Magazine, you may re-apply at another time.

Click on the link to apply for the position in which you are most interested in. If you would like to apply for multiple positions – you must fill out each application.

Apply To Write (Application OPEN)

Apply For IGTV (Application OPEN)

Apply To Manage GLUE’s Social Media Accounts (Application OPEN)

Apply To Create Print Magazines (Application Will Be Available SOON)

Apply For Graphic Design (Application Will Be Available SOON)

Apply To Photograph (Application Currently CLOSED)