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Now, every time I'm shown kindness I want to cry; It's like I've never been so touched before.   I was never open enough to let people touch me — Until I found bliss in letting go of all things, even myself for a moment, an idea of

I am pretty, but I am not proud.   I am fragile, but I am not broken. I am growing, even when you're not. I am growing.   Blooming. I have never changed. I have always been the same. I live underneath the light, and love waters me. Love must prepare to watch me

I used to dream a lot, of quiet — of serene scenes with wool blankets, of nice things.   I used to dream, simply, of coffee nooks, and sweet things like reading books.   I've dreamt of times when my life is just a little bit more quiet, a bit more warm, a time

Women are like nature, yes,   but their relation is most deeply rooted in their ability to grow back after being run over.   Withstanding both floods and droughts, women withstand, as nature withstands.   Yes, women are gentle like flowers, but they overcome destruction by the hands of men;   A destruction the trees know too well, a

Being with him was like walking on water, but even engulfed in moments that shimmered against the sun, I knew there was a chance that the glow of the water would not last forever.   So, my initial steps onto the waves were careful, each one