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In the past couple days, numerous amounts of sexual assault victims began to speak out about their experiences, first starting with claims against Hollywood director, Harvey Weinstein.   As it turns out, Weinstein has targeted women for years throughout his career. Whether

  Trump keeps digging his own hole with his constant hypocrisy and dishonesty. The latest take on him going back on his word involves professional sports players Stephen Curry and Lebron James.   Donald Trump publicly stated at one of his rallies that

Youtube sensation PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is involved in another racist scandal… again. A couple days ago, youtube star PewDiePie made grossly racist remarks on a livestream, where he said “What a fucking ni**er… sorry, asshole I mean” Here is a link

For the past couple of days, Hurricane Harvey has devastated thousands of people in Texas and left them helpless and desperate. I am moved that there are so many willing to help and donate their things to help all the