Reinvention in 2018

Whenever a new year starts, it’s common for many people to want to reinvent themselves and better their lives for the new year. They start going to the gym, eating healthy, make plans to boost their productivity and accomplish their goals. Of course, by the end of January, it’s very easy to forget these promises we make to ourselves and slip back into our old … Continue reading Reinvention in 2018


Everything You Need To Know About The Visual Novel Maker

The newly announced Visual Novel Maker will be an easy to use, powerful tool designed to let creators of any expertise, whether they can program or not, to make simple or extremely detailed Visual Novels. “With Visual Novel Maker, anyone can be a developer.” I can already see online digital artists eager to convert their webcomic to this new medium.   Using an effortless creating … Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About The Visual Novel Maker

How Twitter Supports The Patriarchy

In the past couple days, numerous amounts of sexual assault victims began to speak out about their experiences, first starting with claims against Hollywood director, Harvey Weinstein.   As it turns out, Weinstein has targeted women for years throughout his career. Whether it was blackmailing them for a role in a film, or for money, he’s gotten away with most of it up until now. … Continue reading How Twitter Supports The Patriarchy

Trumps Latest Hypocrisy with Pro-Athletes

  Trump keeps digging his own hole with his constant hypocrisy and dishonesty. The latest take on him going back on his word involves professional sports players Stephen Curry and Lebron James.   Donald Trump publicly stated at one of his rallies that if a player kneels during the national anthem, then “get that son of a b*tch off the field”.   After going on … Continue reading Trumps Latest Hypocrisy with Pro-Athletes

PewDiePie’s Racist Remarks… Again.

Youtube sensation PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is involved in another racist scandal… again. A couple days ago, youtube star PewDiePie made grossly racist remarks on a livestream, where he said “What a fucking ni**er… sorry, asshole I mean” Here is a link to the video, but I must warn you, it’s very vulgar. First and foremost it’s completely not okay for him to use that word, … Continue reading PewDiePie’s Racist Remarks… Again.

A PSA To Everyone Affected By Hurricane Harvey

For the past couple of days, Hurricane Harvey has devastated thousands of people in Texas and left them helpless and desperate. I am moved that there are so many willing to help and donate their things to help all the people affected, but this post is for those who still need help. To make sure they stay as safe as possible in this tough time, … Continue reading A PSA To Everyone Affected By Hurricane Harvey