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Author: Pas Vermal

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(inspired by joyce's "a letter to my mom") hi, it's me, you. before you rush into thinking anything as you usually do, everything is fine. i know you're still very new to everything in life, so i'm telling you now: get ready

we've become strangers of each other's company, attention, cherishing. every cliché about heartbreak is true as i realize that with every word we speak we say less. we sit apart on our respective sides of the bed, backs facing and hearts still attached by one remaining threadbare string of love. no words needed no eye contact the air between us spelled out disappointment

today i woke up and my coffee tasted more bitter than usual, painfully hotter, almost purposely harmful. the cold wind felt like stinging paper cuts against my face as i walked down the street and formed tears in my dried eyes against their will. i can no longer look into the mirror because it reminds