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Noam Haykeen is an immigrant from Israel and currently lives in Los Angeles. Follow him on twitter: @nhaykeen.

When Jan. 20 hits, President Donald Trump will have officially been in office for one year. And although his actions have caused great damage to the country, most of his conduct can be reversed. For instance, the GOP tax bill

It was midnight on Nov. 8, 2016. I was devastated — realizing that not only will Donald Trump be the next president, but Republicans will have full control of Congress. I did not fathom how to cope with such a

$37,000 is more than the average yearly income for a single person or a head of household in America. Typically, it is enough to finance rent in cities such as Syracuse, New York for nearly three and a half years.

Both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have proved to be anything but innocent. Instead of caring for each other’s well-being, both have done the contrary, which obviously makes peace harder to achieve. This upcoming May, Israel will turn 70 years