Trying it Out

For four and a half years, I’ve gone without a phone. This isn’t because my mother suddenly decided I didn’t need one, rather, I dropped the last one down a drain and never asked for a new one. But finally, my mum decided that it was enough. She’d gotten bored of not being able to stay in contact with me. Therefore, I felt it fitting … Continue reading Trying it Out


Let Me Speak – A Compilation of Weeks.

i want to fall in every sunrise.   like it’s my last day to breathe.   i want to coat myself in colours.   a shining technicolour that’ll shield my vision.   entwined in a bubbling concoction, hiding truths.   and i’d rather not consume today or tomorrow.   simply pacing them on the shelf to hide. bare and shivering.   stripped from any warmth. … Continue reading Let Me Speak – A Compilation of Weeks.

Why Guns Are NOT Necessary

Featured photo taken from CNN showing Tyra Heman, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, protests in front of the school where seventeen people were killed on February 14, 2018. Weaving different events with similar qualities and outcomes. A disastrous thing will occur, to which we say that we will get better and that this will never happen again. But this ‘promise’ never endures. … Continue reading Why Guns Are NOT Necessary