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Of course, I adore makeup, but in the past I often found myself spending countless hours reapplying mascara behind my bathroom mirror, hoping makeup products would make my face look perfect. I learned over time that slathering on products on

1.) Beyoncè: Beyoncè is considered the queen of feminism after crafting the feminist song titled  “Flawless”. In an interview, Beyoncè remarked: “I put the definition of feminist in my song [“Flawless”] and on my tour, not for propaganda or to

Although we all long to wear the "trending" shades of lipstick/gloss, we often splurge on expensive lip products, drowning our budget with it.  NYX is famous for creating identical lip gloss and lipstick stick dupes, so save your money and

My voice is muffled Almost silenced I am a woman I am a suffragist My voice will not disintegrate It will not become ashes, Hidden under society's soil My voice is flames, an ever-burning fire My voice will rise up from underneath and I will break through the glass

As the sun approached its high noon position in the clear winter Utah sky, my legs ached from their morning workout of tackling moguls on the ski slopes. Longing for a respite, I zig-zagged down the hill, heading toward the