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    Enjoying Summer, Even Though It’s Super Hot

    Hey guys. This summer has been a blast, even though I’ve been inside most of the time being anti-social. But that’s fun though, right? I think so. Anyways, I went to a park about two weeks ago and took some photos that I thought were cool. They stood out to me when I explored this […] More

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    Happy 4th of July!: A Photo Album

    (Yes, this is a day late, but give me a break after having fun all night!) I always celebrate the 4th. It’s a family tradition for me, and there’s a barbeque and a little bit of spark play. However, since politics have taken a turn, it hasn’t been too enjoyable. But look on the brighter […] More

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    Protect Your Local Public Parks

    You can almost always drive past a public park and realize that it’s trashy, or run down, or simply not in good shape. This is because us humans have once again ruined nature. Sure, a public park may be human-made nature in some parts, but we shouldn’t fill it up with trash or slowly destroy […] More

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    Appreciating Nature 

    Earth is falling apart, in my opinion. Pollution, greenhouse gases, animals are going extinct or becoming endangered, and so on. So instead of destroying it, I appreciate it. I took some photos of my own of nature in my home state, Missouri, to show how beautiful the world is. More