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November /nə(ʊ)ˈvɛmbə/ noun The month when Halloween has finished but Christmas has not yet begun. A month of cloudy skies, dark nights, dreary days and bleak landscapes. Not the month you would expect a photography article to capture. Synonyms: Boring, cold, grey, desolate, harsh,

NO SPOILERS Five years. Five long years we have been waiting it out for the final film in Marvel's Thor trilogy: but never fear, Marvel fans- it was worth it. Hilarious, on-the-nose and carried by a brilliant electro/Led Zeppelin score (composed by

My first thought upon entering the con: I have never seen so many Funko Pops condensed into one place. My second thought: THIS IS AWESOME! Up until last Saturday, I, the nerdiest, most movie-loving person you can imagine, had never attended a

Everyone loves the start of autumn. Hot chocolate, Halloween candy, sweater weather, beautiful leaves and finally waving goodbye to the bugs that have been buzzing around you for months! As well as this, for many people around the world, the

This summer, I travelled for one week around the French/Swiss border. Our base for the week was the stunning skiing resort and world-famous mountain biking town of Morzine. From local honey to white water rafting, from extreme mountain biking to