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    A Portable Obscura Camera

    Recently I’ve gotten into the dreamy and nostalgic style of photography and videography. With a little bit of research and a lot of youtube I created a camera; a cardboard camera actually. With tape, a magnifying glass, transfer paper, patience, and obviously cardboard I was able to create an Obscura camera. Now the camera don’t […] More

  • OMG Angry Cry

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    Net Neutrality 

    I’m pretty sure we all like roaming the internet and finding out new things, from watching your favourite movies, to the answers for your homework, or finding the ‘dark side’ of the internet; this is what we call Net Neutrality, it allows us to search google for the most random things and get all sources […] More

  • Cute

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    I’ve never been in a neighbourhood like this. The different types of styles and they way they interact. There’s so much of this neighbourhood I haven’t seen; this is only just an hour worth of pictures on my phone. More