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    loving yourself is hard

    isn’t it sad how you are taught from a young age to respect and love others no matter their differences yet we grow up hating ourselves because the stretch marks on our hips and the acne on our forehead or the grades that we have isn’t it sad how you are taught from a young […] More

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    i am me

    i am sunday mornings with my cup of light brown hazelnut coffee and dated journal entries with my favorite pen written across the page along with the smudged handwriting as my left hand glides across in fast movements. i am sweaters and hoodies with thick leggings and ripped jeans cuffed at the bottom and mismatched […] More

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    an early morning coffee encounter

    he saw her one early morning walking to a coffee shop. he followed her, not to stalk – for he was tired too – and wanted a cup of coffee himself. she did not see him, or realize he was one person behind her in line. he wondered if she still orders the same coffee […] More

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    may favorites

    as may comes to an end and june rolls around, i thought i would share with you some of my favorite things that i came across this month. i also plan to make monthly favorites a monthly routine, so if you enjoy this, there will be more to come! monthly favorites will have four categories: […] More

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    write about me

    you knew that falling in love with a writer meant that you would be all that they wrote about so you replaced the ink from her pen you sat next to her and said, “write about me.” you smiled as a blush rose to her cheeks, you knew what effects you had on her. she […] More