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Author: Julia Danielska

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Wicker Park is what I like to consider the “Los Angeles” of the Chicago area. Wicker Park is known for its local hipster culture and large art community. The neighborhood is extremely popular and is known for hosting emerging bands,

On a whim, my mom and I decided to go on a three hour road trip to Galena, Illinois. I’ve read numerous articles calling the town the best in the United States which made me interested on visiting this small

I was always a huge skeptic on the whole “vegan” eating lifestyle. I grew up in a (polish) home that runs on animal products so I thought that eating foods without animal products was insane and probably unappetizing, boy I

Chicago, also known as the windy city, is such an underrated city. Most people love New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. yet they leave out Chicago! There are so many fun things to do such as walking around Millennium Park

When I was younger, the thought of spending numerous hours in a thrift store with my mom and grandma made me nauseous. The word itself reminded me of older individuals, something I was not. However, times have changed and now