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A community can be defined pretty simply as a small or large group of people who share something in common; this could be anything from specific values to location. They have been present since the dawn of civilisation and have

First off, no, I do not have a problem with anyone being religious; I’m just not religious myself. My own experience with religion is not a negative one, in fact, all in all, it’s been positive. Both of my parents

We are all familiar with what Eurocentric beauty ideals encompass: pale skin, straight hair, light eyes etc. You would think that in 2017 these beauty ideals would not be as prevalent in our society but somehow they still are. Essentially,

I am mixed raced and ‘White-Passing'. Well, to be more specific I am white and black Caribbean. So what does White-Passing mean? Well, it's in the name, meaning that it's someone from an ethnic minority who looks white. Throughout my

We've all heard of the self-love movement, it's become nothing short of a global phenomenon, particularly amongst teenagers and young adults. With the hash tag self-love amassing over 9 million posts on Instagram alone, it is clear that this trend