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Author: Gabriella De Gracia

  /  Articles posted by Gabriella De Gracia
About The Author

Gaby is an aspiring Journalist from Miami, Florida. Find her on Instagram: @niceonegab

I was so scared after this past election. I remember it so well; I woke up and checked the news, I was angry, I remember that I cried. My grandmother cried, my brother cried. My friend was scared to walk

Just when I think the justice system can’t get any more lawless than it actually is, some fool with a gavel or legislative power forgets that the people they incarcerated are, in fact, real people and not cattle. Most recently,

Game of Thrones as a series is the perhaps one of, if not, the most complex and artistically developed series of our generations. The complexity of the plot and characters barely even begin to scratch the surface of the intricacy

Marijuana has been at the forefront of many political debates recently. With the amount of attention and controversy surrounding it lately, it seems like the substance and use of the substance is newfangled. In, reality marijuana has been an important

You gave me a little notebook   One day out of the blue   I fill it with words and phrases   That remind me of you   Baby, I love that little notebook,   For I think of the first time   We were together   In sunny weather   I consider it my