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can we take a moment to realise that as humans we clamour for peace while starting wars we beg for unity while creating barriers and divisions we beg to be understood while refusing to understand others we hope for a future while we tear down the present we've caused so

The seer's room was small and quite dark, except from a fat scented candle on the table in the middle of the room. There were no windows and fans, so the air in the room was warm, stalesticky. The room

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.” Janet said gently. “I had a bad breakup like that once. Felt like killing myself after it, but then I decided that would be selfish.” She paused and breathed in

The supermarket was very brightly lit and smelled like plastic. Philip found Juliet in the confectionery aisle, stuffing a pack of skittles into her bra. She looked up, saw Philip and smiled. “What are you doing?” Philip said, unsure of exactly

The club was tightly packed with sweaty, gyrating bodies. The air pulsed with ear numbing music, and the air was heavy with a pungent mix of odours. Bright strobe lights flashed across the room, briefly illuminating a few energetic dancers