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Author: Elizabeth Johnston

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Encouraging the crowd to “let it out” while reassuring that every attendee knew that they were “fucking beautiful,” Haim delivered—and then some. The California-based trio showcased the duality of their sound at their sold-out show at Chicago’s Riviera theater, playing songs

It’s no wonder that dramatic eyeliner is a timeless trend—its ancient origins date back to the Egyptian New Kingdom period and have been a constant throughout history, ultimately sparking the invention of the cat eye. The cat eye is rapidly

We’ve all been there. Hearing a song, riff, or chord progression so gripping it leaves you fidgety, breathless and heading straight to the internet to find out the name of the mastermind behind the song that just gave you goosebumps.

Look beyond Paris’s bustling streets teeming with reckless, unfettered drivers and see what really drives these mythic people. You will immediately enter France’s own private world rich with history and hidden charm. It’s all over, but sometimes it takes a

My mom and I took our first international trip together when I was 11 years old, a few years after my parents’ divorce. We left everything behind and for a short while, experienced all that Montreal had to offer. In