How #DenimDay Has Taken Los Angeles By Storm

In April of 1999, the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction because the victim was wearing skinny jeans. The justices came to the conclusion that she must have helped get the jeans off, thus implying consent.Women in the Italian Parliament started the movement the following day by wearing jeans in support of the victim. This quickly spread to the United States – more specifically … Continue reading How #DenimDay Has Taken Los Angeles By Storm


What Really Is Theatre?

The world of theatre is so unique and different than any other art form. When you hear the term ‘theatre’, you probably think of Shakespeare or musicals. Although, there is so much more to it than Shakespearean words and fun dance numbers. If you’re someone who doesn’t associate themselves with theatre much, you’re most likely very curious about it. That being said, I’m here to … Continue reading What Really Is Theatre?