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    Always You Part 2

    Everyone thinks that I write about some other guy who was never worth my time who never treated me right who never made me feel beautiful. But baby it was never about him. It was always about you, and you never knew because I never told you. You never knew how quick my eyes would […] More

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    Always You Part 1

    I write a lot. I write about love, heartbreak, happiness, and it’s always been about you. Always you. I thought I fell in love after you. But it was never love Because the one person I’ve ever loved, has always been you. Always you.     More

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    Thoughts When I Was 15

    There’s a girl at my school. A mystery. Her outside look is just an act. Wrists are full of cuts, Blood full of drugs, Heart full of lust. She gave herself up To a guy, she doesn’t love. Hoping that this guy Would bring her joy A light to her day. But he just hurt […] More