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The majority of historical Western art can be essentialized in three words: European, aristocratic, and impactful. Art history is often painting of powerful white men (and women), dressed in lavish vestments, or anachronistic depictions of figures from a biblical context as

It's hidden for others. It's explicit for some. Mom says, "No one else goes through this!" But it knows otherwise, It knows the truth. Because it is dysfunction, How silly of you! There's no need for a questioning assumption, Yes, it's true! It bludgeons everyone and everything. Families,

The word 'microaggression' has only been blasted into the social stratosphere of the world as of the recent 2010s,  although somewhat mainstreamed from race theory work done by Madonna G. Constantine and Columbia University Professor Derald Wing Sue in 2007. Microaggressions are

Some might argue that in 2017 the case for identity has become a crisis belabored over for too long. Perhaps an opinionated animadversion in direct response to this claim would be that such a misconception of preposterous bounds could only

Going to a predominantly white school has caused me to feel anxious when I hear the words "race" and "class discussion" used in the same sentence. It is not so much that I'm afraid of someone asking "Why can't I