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    That Time Trump Failed the Nazi Test

    At a news conference in February, Mr. Trump said “No. 1, I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. No. 2, racism, the least racist person.” However, his response to the tragic and deplorable events that took place on Friday, August 11, when violent clashes broke out between white […] More

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    Trump’s Threat of Fire and Fury

    „I don’t want to be an alarmist, but we’re all going to die!” This is the lovely and heartwarming line Stephen Colbert started his monolog with on Tuesday night, following Trump’s response to North Korea. The president threatened to unleash “fire and fury” against the aforementioned country if they continue to threaten the United States. […] More

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    Trump Begs Mexico’s President to Lie

    This week, a leaked phone call transcript between the US and Mexican presidents reveal Trump begging Peña Nieto not to tell the press the fact that he won’t pay for the wall. In the phone conversation that took place on January 27, only a week after Trump’s inauguration as president, Trump said: ““From an economic […] More

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    Seven Fashion Brands That Benefit The World And Not Just Your Wardrobe

    We live in a world where people really care about keeping up with the latest trends, but sometimes, our favorite brands, have a more negative impact on our planet than we may think. There are, however, ways in which we can shop without worrying about the lasting effect it’ll have on our planet. There are […] More

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    Summer 2017 Reading Challenge

    It’s the height of summer! Which means that you probably have more time on your hands. The days are longer, the pace is slower and everything glitters with possibility and excitement. If you were wondering what book to pursue from your spot on a beach towel, on an airplane, or from the comfort of your […] More

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    Donald Trump Jr.’s Email Chain On His Meeting With Russia

    On Tuesday morning, Donald J. Trump Jr. released an email chain from June 2016 with Rob Goldstone, a former tabloid reporter, and publicist, through which they were setting up a meeting between Trump Jr. and a Kremlin-linked lawyer. The emails were released in an attempt to get ahead of The New York Times’ promised story […] More

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    Snapchat’s “Snap Map” Sparks Controversy

    By now, the majority of us are aware of the latest Snapchat update. The newest update enables users to pinpoint the exact location where their friends are. It’s estimated that about 160 million people use Snapchat daily, this new update raises major privacy concerns. Snapchat, an image messaging service, was created to allow users to send each […] More

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    Venezuela Is Now A Totalitarian Misery

    Venezuela has always bounced between two extremes: oppression and freedom. Every single day, Venezuelans pour into the streets to protest the loss of their freedom and rights, taken by a tyrannical regime that condemns people to illness, scarcity, and outright hunger. As Chavism, a left-wing political ideology is continuing its decrease, police helicopters have apparently […] More

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    Say Hello to Hollywood’s Golden Thirties With: The Last Tycoon

    The Last Tycoon, written and directed by Billy Ray and based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1933 unfinished novel, takes place between the Roaring ’20s, the Great Depression and the Golden Thirties. The story is centered around Monroe Stahr (Matt Bomer), who is based on the life of the movie mogul Irving Thalberg. Monroe is a […] More

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    Three Movies Perfect For Pride Month

    The month of June represents for many LGBTQ+ individuals a time of self-affirmation, dignity, an increase of visibility, sexual diversity and gender variance. Until June of 2015, gay couples could not legally get married in all 50 states. To celebrate the life-changing victory of the legalization of gay marriage everywhere in the States, Pride Month […] More

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    President Trump and Pope Francis Are Proven NOT To Be a Dynamic Duo

    One of the ways I’ve been coping with the anxiety the 2016 presidential election caused is by turning to comedy. Stephen Colbert’s monologs and SNL have been my saving grace throughout this difficult period. Trump’s shenanigans never go unnoticed and in spite of all the frustration and anger they bring about, some people turn them […] More

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    Why It’s Important To Keep Up With the News

    By keeping up with the news, you’re inevitably becoming more and more socially aware. With today’s technology, we can acquire an infinite amount of information by simply clicking a button. News websites and social media are just a few of the myriad of sources of potential information. Amazing things can be learned and accomplished from […] More

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    ”Pink Whale” Is Spreading Positivity and Kindness

    I think that by now everyone has heard of the sinister game called “Blue Whale“. If somehow you haven’t, “Blue Whale” is a Russian game, where players are assigned 50 tasks over the course of 50 days by a “curator”. These tasks range from waking up at unusual hours, listening to a particular song, to […] More

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    Inside the Pogrom in Chechnya And How You Can Help

    What was supposed to be a night out with a friend for a young man called Maksim, pivoted into two weeks of torture. As The New York Times explained, “When Maksim arrived, however, he was greeted not by his friend, but by agents who beat him. Later, they strapped him to a chair, attached electrical […] More