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    Dear baby girl   I look at you And I see pureness   Maybe that is why I love you so much   I love you in this world Because you are the pureness we need   You are half Caucasian You are half Indian   When you look into the mirror You are looking […] More

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    Love Yourself

    It is a beautiful thing to love yourself.   To be able to look into the mirror And not quickly turn away in shame   Instead you look into the mirror And you smile You smile because you see yourself for once   The person you have always wanted To physically see   You can […] More

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    He used to make you happy But now all he brings you is   Nothing   He unloaded nothing onto your heart And now all you feel is   Nothing   Your numb to the pain Your numb to the happiness Your numb to the world around you   Every smile you flash Every laugh […] More

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    Stare into the water And what do you see?   A reflection   But do not be naive It is not the true reflection of you   When she looks into the water She sees a brown figure   But she is not naive She is white   At least that is what other people […] More

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    We are born And right away We are given a shovel   We are digging our own grave   It is slow at first The ground is so hard It is just so hard to break   But when someone else can help you break through   You will be digging your own grave   […] More

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    The Fear

    Wake up   Wake up and smell the- Roses? Coffee?   No   Wake up and smell The fear   But like most You choose to ignore the smell   You CHOOSE To ignore the smell of fear   Because it lingers through the city It lingers through the suburbs From the alleys To the […] More

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    Take It All

      I am never taken seriously   As a woman I am not taken at all   Unless they are taking my body   My body screams for help As they take my body Because as they grip onto the fence That protects my mind The fence will erode   They will grab onto my […] More