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They tell me I shouldn't miss you But they don't understand why I do   They don't understand why The smile I saw when I rolled over Was a smile I repeated in my mind   A smile so sweet I believed that you could only smile like

She used to be so Happy   Until she started to feel Absolutely nothing   Happiness and pain Could have felt the same   She would not know She could not feel anything   Emptiness swept her up from bed in the morning Emptiness carried her back to bed at night   Emptiness became a

Chocolate Candy Both so sweet They remind me of the sweetness You brought to me   Dark chocolate Sour candy Both so bitter They remind me of the bitterness You left with me   I am bitter   My anger turned into bitterness The day you wronged me But oh how it is so sweet for

Dear baby girl   I look at you And I see pureness   Maybe that is why I love you so much   I love you in this world Because you are the pureness we need   You are half Caucasian You are half Indian   When you look into the mirror You are

It is a beautiful thing to love yourself.   To be able to look into the mirror And not quickly turn away in shame   Instead you look into the mirror And you smile You smile because you see yourself for once   The person you have always wanted To