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    Straight From The Bag

    I sat down with my younger sister, Alissa Banks, as she took me on a tour through her makeup bags to discuss her top 15 favorite products she uses daily when she “beats” her face. Here’s what she has to say… Tarte “Rainforest of the Sea” Aquacealer concealer: “I really like it because it’s a […] More

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    The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Gore Meets Gorgeous

    When Ryan Reynolds isn’t cast in a romantic comedy, he’s cast in a violent one in turn. Coping with the aftermath of a destroyed career when an unknown sniper executes his client from afar, Michael Bryce (Reynolds) had spent the following years protecting assassins from harm’s way and still struggling with the result of losing […] More

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    Dead On Set Of Deadpool 2

    Although there is no name to release, on the set of Deadpool 2 shooting of specific scenes had taken place, one including a motorcycling sequence that required stunt doubles. Though the complication of the stunt is withheld, the stunt-woman is reportedly dead. The only information given by police after the investigation had gone underway was […] More

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    The Dark Tower – More Tower, Less Dark

    The adoption of Stephen King’s novel, The Dark Tower, incorporates a number of cliches into the plot-line in this summer’s somewhat predictable science fiction gunslinger dystopian film. Only the mind of a child can bring down The Dark Tower- a looming guardian that protects worlds from mass destruction and hell-bent harm- and that’s exactly what Jake Chambers (Tom […] More