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Recluse, otherwise known as Spider Tank, was included in concept art ever since the game was released in 2016, but never formally met. BlizzCon 2017 has shown more images of her as creator Jeff Kaplan had presented panels at the

Everyone has an interest in George Clooney, but no one can be more in love with him more than Poppy (Nadia Jordan.) Thus the title, our protagonist is madly in love with the Hollywood star as she comes to the understanding

Inspired by George Clooney's good looks, charm, charisma, and humanitarianism,  Nadia Jordan has had the opportunity to watch her film screen at festivals from Los Angeles to Chicago. "For The Love Of George" is the first film that Jordan has

Marvel has given its fanbase a real treat after the long-awaited installation thunders into theaters. Director Taika Waititi (What We Do In The Shadows, We're Wolves,) has brought the most cosmically stunning, humorously clever film to both the Thor franchise and the Marvel

Slow, lazy jazz crackles crispy through speakers as gazes cast screenward to watch the young attorney piece himself together. Background information floods the screen as the scene is set, and flickers to past trials that Thurgood Marshall had historically argued