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    Baby Powdered Dreams

    Within the wild parade of my issues, nightmares and terrors rule after hours, keeping everything out of check. I’ve always had very vivid dreams and semi-frequent nightmares, but over the past year, they’ve become more noticeable. I’ll wake up out of breath, panic breaking through the blanket of sedatives and anti-anxiety medications. They’re awful and […] More

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    Thirteen Reasons Why: The Real Story

    Thirteen Reasons Why, three words that took the nation for a wild ride. The Netflix original series aired in March of this year and as I’m sure the majority of you know, infuriated the vast population of adults and authoritative figures. Teenagers connected sincerely with the story of Hannah Baker, a 16 year old who […] More

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    Back To School: Spotify Cures

    The three words no teenager wants to hear whilst enjoying their break. Like it or not, the dreaded semesters are looming. I have no cure, you’ll have to figure that stuff out on your own, but I do have a few playlists that might brighten the mood or cater to your doom. I’ve created two […] More

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    Suit & Noose

    I dreamt of you last night for the first time in a while. It has taken me a bit to realize that it is hard to take good thoughts and you to reconcile. To build a relationship that already exists, yet somehow I have suffocated purity with pain. All I do now is complain about […] More

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    pixelated boy

    The boy behind the screen plays life like a video game. Machine guns, hand grenades, instead of loving sons and serenades. He is far too short for his age and hides behind pixels in a desperate attempt to overcompensate. There is a battlefield in this particular game on which my blood stains the asphalt. A canvas […] More

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    IRONTOM: oddity at its finest

    This past November, my best friend and I paid $15 to see Finish Ticket at a small venue in Colorado. This venue is an awesome little place with tons of character in and of itself, but it got a whole lot weirder after this band came on. Let’s set the scene. We’re standing in the […] More

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    before a storm

    He says his favorite feeling of all time is not love. It is not hate or passion. Lust or fondness. His favorite feeling is the minutes before a storm, When the wind picks up and the earth prepares itself for another assault from mother nature. She’s a vile looking woman, really. Vines for hair and […] More

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    loving irony

    In the outskirts of Denver, there is an abandoned church all fenced up. It’s odd to think about the fact that a place of such beauty is now grimy and run down, burrowing its secrets in the surrounding neighborhoods. The church looks like the beginning of a horror movie in which some pesky teens explore […] More