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a collection of photos on a night when everything was okay.

Whoever told me that poison is clearly, identifiably bad is a lying, ignorant dirtbag. It can be as pleasant as the smell of roses, with hemlock twisted in their thorned stems. Hemlock results in full body paralysis, with your joints

I am not a beauty guru, let me make that clear. However, my sister is quite skilled at makeup and I've tried to pick up a few of her tricks. Sometimes my makeup looks decent, but it's always coated with

Within the wild parade of my issues, nightmares and terrors rule after hours, keeping everything out of check. I’ve always had very vivid dreams and semi-frequent nightmares, but over the past year, they’ve become more noticeable. I’ll wake up out

Thirteen Reasons Why, three words that took the nation for a wild ride. The Netflix original series aired in March of this year and as I’m sure the majority of you know, infuriated the vast population of adults and authoritative