In Praise of Online Teen Zines

Gone are the days where our fingertips have felt the smoothness of glossy paper. Our noses no longer recognize the scent of fresh print. Eyes no longer skim through horoscopes and anonymous confessions–on paper, at least. For generations, print magazines have been safe spaces for many, teens especially. With the with the advancements of technology and our dependence on it, unless you’re a technology-hating purist … Continue reading In Praise of Online Teen Zines


What Is Pastel Feminism?

Googling the term won’t give you the exact results, but what you’ll get won’t be unimportant in this context.  Recently, someone on Twitter reacted to a dismissive article on the progress of Filipino feminism by asking what the Filipino equivalent of white feminism was because the article in question was the epitome of it.  Exclusive feminism has always been something that has angered me and … Continue reading What Is Pastel Feminism?

Can You Measure “Wokeness”?

Almost every day we see men in power take advantage of and continuously harass women just because they can.  Not only that, but it seems like everywhere you look, instances of abuses (especially of minorities) are often present. You may see people defending and coddling them and their actions for whatever reason they make up, but luckily, feminism has become more widespread and accepted in … Continue reading Can You Measure “Wokeness”?

Have You Encountered These Planets?

Profiles on someone you probably know and have fallen (are falling?) for, but out of this world.  Literally.  At least for the most part. The One Hopelessly Out Of Your League / The Exoplanet An exoplanet, by traditional definition, is a planet orbiting a star that is not the Sun. An exoplanet can also be the girl you locked eyes with for two seconds, and … Continue reading Have You Encountered These Planets?

Five Minority Female Characters That’ll Make Your Life Better

Whether it’s clamor for a healthy same-sex relationship or demands for more people of color, you’ll often see people asking for better representation on TV and other media forms.  These calls are completely valid because there have been countless times I had to watch something solely focusing on the reused, cliché narratives of the majorities, but barely remember the instances wherein I’ve seen myself and … Continue reading Five Minority Female Characters That’ll Make Your Life Better