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Why do mothers yank so hard As they brush their daughters Tangled hair?   It knots, They say, Or it straightens.   Yet, As the tangles fade to silk All the real hair, All the real girl, Falls out of their heads in clumps twirled around brushes.   To this open-ended question, There seems no answer Not

Mumbled conversations In her one-two-beat of a heart That nearly rivals the brain’s intellect And The soul’s whim. Whispers transcend shouts As humanity overpowers sanity which explains the infrequency of the pitter patter. Sometimes The heart stops altogether. And in these peculiarities That make up most of her time, She trusts her

He told me That my minds laps May not translate to Tongues Trapped behind teeth: Teeth that Hissed Their ‘s’ Like children. It’s not simple, He said, Not communicable, He continued The way your head works Only works for you .   Could be why My mind’s eyes See moments encased in crystallized Memory Of the blonde haired Laugh That reconciles experience.   And I’m

Hello! To the exuberant forces of you-can’t-forget Greeting with poppies drugged into exhaustion. “how Are You?” In the messy cheers of food caught in teeth Causing starvation For the gutless And gluttony for illusion.   It’s not too bad Remembering the reasons we made it. Could be worse Than the craved academic.   I

A renga is a style of poetry identified by the call and response nature of the text. Each stanza is meant to be individual. However, the whole, although typically not logical, provides a greater ambiance to the piece. Here is