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    Are Beauty Standards Existent?

    Listen, I’m a pale, not entirely skinny, not very tall, and certainly not a very modelesque teenage girl. I’m not upset about that. In fact, I love who I am and have spent many years of my life working towards self-love. However, I understand that according to the standards models have set, I’m not technically […] More

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    In this room, there is a desk I sit at, a phone that I answer -only when it rings- and a dull sense of boredom that, despite aching burns too slowly to create a fire. I read a book, most days, but others i’ll drag my pen across paper either in creativity or requirement. A […] More

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    Hula Hoops & Happy Days

    I’ve lived in Boston for literally all of my life. Yet, so far, It’s never been a city I tired of. Sometimes finding the next thing to do here is a search or a hunt, but what I’ve found in my years here is that it’s always worth it. Last night, I dragged a few […] More

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    ⚘ Cacti prick through Fear clouding second grade eagerness Heat in the Empty terrain   ⚘ On a horse, I might gallop To remember all that Once known A hazy state And white minivans Sheltered in jackets of bugs Buckled in With rattlesnakes I yell at my Father That He isn’t being Safe.   ⚘ […] More

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    Updated Cowardice

    Stick through the excusesof old rationality forcing two polarizing forces into sympathy. you can’t be seen if not first touched! but do not! do not! touch me for fear I might touch you? and so we stand here with fingers pointed in accusations implied when internally stricken with nerves touching signals touching people touching fear […] More

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    Up Sense

    I lay in prayer here attached to pixels and rectangles in the heart of all once called salvation. Stain glass shattered to splinters and screens don’t crack the same way. Pews with heads turned down. Fingers intertwined with bibles on our thumbs. Old world meets new in the texts I send to you from habitats […] More