Doctor’s Visit

  We’re tired because we’ve been crying. We’re exhausted because we’ve been sick. And we’re taking this quiz where we rate out symptoms on a scale of Rarely to daily. Which is odd because daily should be rarely but it isn’t. We are circling those answers mostly, Trying not to cheat by looking at the bottom where the answers are listed. The answers to all … Continue reading Doctor’s Visit


Trusting Yourself

Mumbled conversations In her one-two-beat of a heart That nearly rivals the brain’s intellect And The soul’s whim. Whispers transcend shouts As humanity overpowers sanity which explains the infrequency of the pitter patter. Sometimes The heart stops altogether. And in these peculiarities That make up most of her time, She trusts her brain or soul As a dog trusts a master Or a husband his … Continue reading Trusting Yourself

A Greeting

Hello! To the exuberant forces of you-can’t-forget Greeting with poppies drugged into exhaustion. “how Are You?” In the messy cheers of food caught in teeth Causing starvation For the gutless And gluttony for illusion.   It’s not too bad Remembering the reasons we made it. Could be worse Than the craved academic.   I remember nothing more than drugs And a mixed classroom of I … Continue reading A Greeting

Through My Eyes: A Poem on Sexism’s Reality

Catcalling is a cruel reality all people have struggled with at some point in their life. I have been catcalled on runs. I have been catcalled on nights out. One time, even, my friend catcalled someone out of my own car window. While catcalling may be recognized as a ‘thing,’ it is not always noted for its severity. In writing this poem, I draw upon … Continue reading Through My Eyes: A Poem on Sexism’s Reality

Feminism Across the Globe

Earlier this year, Newton North’s feminism club held a rally on International Women’s Day. I, being one of the officers of feminism club, had the chance to speak out at this rally. There, I discussed examples of feminism I had seen across a few of the countries I’ve visited. This is a continuation of those thoughts as well as a further explanation on how these … Continue reading Feminism Across the Globe

Are Beauty Standards Existent?

Listen, I’m a pale, not entirely skinny, not very tall, and certainly not a very modelesque teenage girl. I’m not upset about that. In fact, I love who I am and have spent many years of my life working towards self-love. However, I understand that according to the standards models have set, I’m not technically considered pretty. As a younger teen, fourteen perhaps, that really … Continue reading Are Beauty Standards Existent?

Updated Cowardice

Stick through the excusesof old rationality forcing two polarizing forces into sympathy. you can’t be seen if not first touched! but do not! do not! touch me for fear I might touch you? and so we stand here with fingers pointed in accusations implied when internally stricken with nerves touching signals touching people touching fear in those same old same old glances. I fear we … Continue reading Updated Cowardice