How To Be A LGBT+ Ally

It’s 2018, not being homophobic no longer deserves a gold star. It’s time for the people who identify as straight (myself included) to step up and help in the LGBT+ communities fight for equal rights. If you’re interested in being a better ally (which you should be) read on To start with one of the most important and obvious thing is that you try to … Continue reading How To Be A LGBT+ Ally


Interview with Instagram’s ”Catcalls of NYC”

I’ve been following Sophie on @catcallsofnyc through Instagram for a year or two before deciding to reach out to her for an interview. She willingly and happily agreed to a set of 6 questions answered through email. My thanks to Sophie for being kind enough to allow this interview to happen! What is @catcallsofnyc? @catcallsofnyc is an Instagram account that collects stories of street harassment … Continue reading Interview with Instagram’s ”Catcalls of NYC”