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Author: Brittany Adames

  /  Articles posted by Brittany Adames
About The Author

Brittany Adames is a seventeen-year-old Dominican-American writer from Pennsylvania. She spends time writing poetry and leaving short stories half-finished.

One of the most anticipated moments has finally been set in stone: Rihanna will be launching her very own beauty line, providing a range of products that will accommodate all types of skin and taste. Rihanna will be launching her very

on days like this, we peel body mass like a rooted prayer & when we sink our elbows into the other’s mouth we are sure water becomes accustomed to memory like skin against eyelash — you ask if there is a gap in your chest and

at 3 am i divorce myself from the word prude & peel it off in one coarse breath like mulch kissing skin &  the next day the boy whose red-wood tongue remains unscathed gets a tattoo of sweltered cries & when the tree

love does not want this body only leather-hewn mutters   and bleached bone gnashed against cobblestone   love does not want this body only the word   yes: pinched between fingers smudged in soot   love does not want this body only to rive boulders   beneath our nail beds like a strung out moan   love

mami cradled cherry trees between thickets of crimson phrases and pointed gazes i felt a prick not on my skin but in the poignant tug of fractured needles and an identity sewn in clatters of grim mumbles two buttons fell from the wrinkled coat and like embroidery i pinned them