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    Let’s Talk About Mac Miller

    “Everybody saying I need rehab Cause I’m speedin’ with a blindfold on and won’t be long ‘til they washing me crash, and they don’t wanna see that. They don’t want me to OD and have to talk to my mother Tell her they could have done more to help me. And she’d be crying saying […]

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    You seek so much from others Forgetting that what you seek Can be found within yourself­­­­   It’s like asking a wasp for honey When you yourself are a bee   You search for love in others Forgetting that love   Must first come from yourself Because when people leave you   Only your love […]

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    The Realities of Being a Female Athlete

    When Serena Williams wore a full-body catsuit to the French Open earlier this year, fans of the tennis player were pleasantly surprised by her fashion forward outfit. The catsuit, which Williams said was inspired by the movie Black Panther and the fictional country of Wakanda did not impress the French tennis officials however. The French […]

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    ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Has a Feminist Meaning We’ve All Been Missing

    While we’ve all been obsessing over Noah Centineo and the ever dreamy story line of Netflix’s newest teen rom-com, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, there’s one aspect of the movie that viewers have been overlooking: the overtly feminist tone the movie leaves in its wake. The very plot of the movie offers a […]

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    The Battle Against Skin-Whitening Products In The UK

    The BBC has found that several high-street shops are continuing to sell skin-whitening products such as creams, even after they were prosecuted for doing so. Trading Standards have acknowledged that it is a “really big problem”, as they are responsible for taking control of any creams and prosecuting businesses that are selling them. However, the […]

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    Living in a Former Communist Country as a Teenager: Romania’s Battle with Progress

    During the 24 years between 1965 until 1989 when Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania’s communist leader, ruled the country, Romania underwent severe changes and the nation had to endure brutal restrictions and injustices. For instance, Romanians were not allowed to speak out against the government, religious freedom was non-existent, there were food/water shortages, people were not able […]

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    It’s Time to Break the Stigma Behind Mental Illness

                  Although a big topic of controversy and notoriety in recent years, mental illness is something many of us are often still weary of directly talking about. When thinking of mental illness, many people would imagine millennials, “snowflakes,” crying depression to get attention. The truth is, mental illness is […]

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    6 Moments That Prove 2018 Is The Year Of Asian Representation

    2018 has been a year filled with amazing breakthrough for Asians stars. From artists like BTS and Jay Park who are gaining popularity outside of Asia to the immense success of Crazy Rich Asians has had,we are finally seeing some progress in representation for Asians in the Western media. Here are six times Asian entertainers have grabbed […]

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    Visiting other countries is always an amazing experience and something that a traveler will remember for the rest of their life. I discovered this summer that learning more about other cultures helps a person to expand their thinking and become more global. Traveling to Taipei, Taiwan was something that I never thought that a homebody […]

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    In Praise of Online Teen Zines

    Gone are the days where our fingertips have felt the smoothness of glossy paper. Our noses no longer recognize the scent of fresh print. Eyes no longer skim through horoscopes and anonymous confessions–on paper, at least. For generations, print magazines have been safe spaces for many, teens especially. With the with the advancements of technology […]

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    Be Confident In Your Body This Summer

    We’re now into the summer months, and around now is the point where people are trying on all the swimwear they’ve bought for their holiday, looking at themselves in the mirror and deciding that they don’t like what they see, because they don’t fit society’s view of an “ideal body”. Both women and men have […]

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