Aeonian Dawn to Return to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2020

When creating something new, we have a vision in mind with what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. We throw ourselves at the mercy of creativity, and if we’re lucky enough, we watch that creativity cultivate and inspire greatness to come.

Realizing the success of popular fantasy epics such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dune, and Star Wars, screenwriter Jared Bartemeyer was determined to bring his own story to life through Eden Skye.

Bartemeyer, who was raised on “great cinema,” said that he’s long appreciated the art while harnessing the subtleties of story-crafting that he well-acquainted himself with. When taking a closer look at more modern science fiction and fantasy, he said that he really wasn’t seeing what he wanted to watch and that his goal was to give the Eden Skye audience something that they wouldn’t soon forget. “While a world can capture the imagination of the audience, it’s the characters and the stories that leave you ‘craving more,’” Bartemeyer said, “A great story has to start with a writer who cares. What drives me is the journey and the pursuit of some deeper meaning. The way Eden Skye plays is that if you say much more than a whisper, or if you reveal where the story may be head keep reading.”

There is no toying with casual villains – no labels of ultimate good or evil, but rather characters with different motives and paths, as the three sides of “truth” leave no stone unturned. Eden Skye’s focal protagonist, Lyra, comes from a troubled past after the disappearance of her father, and murder of her mother when Lyra’s barely ten-years-old. Eden Skye chronicles her journey and her search for belonging. Aside from Lyra, there’s the chance to meet Darius and Koresh, the brothers-in-arms from the far distant world of Myrconia. “The relationship between Koresh and Darius stems from the wars of a previous generation, and if both don’t work together to build a better world, Myrconia would be subjected to the horrors of old, when the peace of a new age was just within reach.” Bartemeyer said while looking at his leading men, “this is not the story of just one character or motivation, but rather the lengths we go to for truth in the harshness of uncertainty.”

One of the hurdles to overcome when introducing a new series to a long-running genre is to pinpoint that sweet spot of innovation between a new concept while incorporating elements that audiences are familiar with. “People look at us and think Game of Thrones. Fair play I guess, we do have dragons, similar tonality, and a vast canvas to play on, but we’re far more than just the familiar,” the writer said. Eden Skye takes risks as it dives into the facets of love and war while exploring multiple worlds and conflicts, each applying necessary context and momentum for the story. The struggle for an alien world which sparks the start of the story explodes into an expansive interplanetary tale. According to Bartemeyer, it’s “a great read.”

Eden Skye, after its initial launch, has gained traction with a growing fanbase and attention from potential investors. Currently, the series is in comic book form and has been seen on display at comic conventions around the country. “We’re pushing ourselves through all of these major markets and endless days because we want people to be excited and invested in the project, and the more excitement that builds around Eden Skye, the sooner a production will happen,” the writer said, “we pitched with several platforms, most recently Skydance Media. It’s one of those things that you have to wait and see, there is a lot of high-concept fantasy being pitched, so you really have to hone in on differentiating yourself.”

A teaser trailer for the series was recently shot that showcased the story Bartemeyer brought to life. Working with an independent filmmaker, Bartemeyer and his team filmed their clip at a facility with a burnt-out and post-apocalyptic landscape. The location for the teaser gave Bartemeyer access to their “Dragon Room,” which provided the illusion of a dragon’s nest with three animatronic dragons, and also doubles as one of the United State’s most expensive haunted house rooms. “It was essential to do something that brought people into our world. When people look at it, they’ll ask ‘oh, where’s Lyra?’ We want the audience to ask questions because that means they’re invested in the answers.” Bartemeyer said. 

Eden Skye can currently be found in stores around the country and will return to the  Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo from February 28 – March 1, 2020, at The McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, with their fourth series installment, in Booth #1669. Variant covers and art created by DC, Netflix, and Image artists are limited in availability and can be purchased as well. Products can be purchased on their website,, and the team can be reached on Facebook and Instagram @aeoniandawn. 

Avid supporters are eager to take a glance at the new book, and Bartemeyer is beyond thrilled that fans are supporting his self-created independent series. “It’s cool to see fans so excited about the franchise after I give them the initial pitch. They want to see something fresh and original,” he said, “and if they’re excited now, just wait until they see what comes next.”

*A press pass has been provided to the journalist to cover the event.


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