The New Bauhaus (2019) REVIEW – Revitalizing Chicago Design

The city of Chicago is known for its long-winded history of outstanding design and architecture that captures the eye and challenges the evolution of construction. Chicago, prided on its everchanging design and forefront, cutting edge style, stands out once again with The New Bauhaus.

The New Bauhaus, an art institute that aims to spearhead and revise the bases of modern design, was enlivened by Hungarian artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s push for the embrace of the attitude of design, compared to the strict discipline that is followed. He, determined to integrate his experience from the German Bauhaus into the education at the institute for students to take in, bridges art and design into one. The union of both art students and design students had been a revolutionary thing, only seeing its start with hopes to grow, and had set off for pioneering a whole breed of study.

The documentary entwines artistic drive and the ability to clasp onto the push of ambition. We are invited to place ourselves in the background of The New Bauhaus and are welcomed to feed off of Moholy-Nagy’s passion. Alysa Nahmias directs with a watchful eye as she is sure to present the seemingly-endless sprawl of the city not as the intimidating beast that it is cut out to be,  but attentively accentuates Chicago’s marvelous features.

Throughout the film, not only will Moholy-Nagy’s sheer’s desire for both aesthetic progression and success leave a lasting impact, it roots the desire to take after him and his objection to adhere to binary normalcy. His lust for life and his sentimental worldview are enunciated through the medium of cinema.

Verdict: 7.5/10 – The New Bauhaus is a sharply-designed, inspiring documentary that underscores the long-lasting impact of Moholy-Nagy’s artistic devotion.


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