House of X #2 REVIEW

The new beginnings of the X-Men are strong as Jonathan Hickman is keen not to divulge in his entire plans for the franchise straight off the bat, but promises to move forward sure-footed from House of X #1 to House of X #2. With Magneto and Professor X working side-by-side and the team migrating to a new society, these recycled concepts remain fresh and send the X-Men in an attention-snatching archetype.

The consistency between House of X #1 to House of X #2 joints seamlessly together and reveals what Marvel has been hinting at to be “the most important scene in X-Men history.” The writing is smooth and the dialogue is purposeful.  Moving through the issue, Xavier’s motives and goals are brought into the light. Moira MacTaggert plays an extremely crucial role as she approaches Xavier, who takes a deeper look inside of her mind. House of X #2 focuses heavily on the relationship between MacTaggert and Xavier, emphasizing on the importance of the issue. There is a shock of realism through Hickman’s insight on life, death, and reincarnation, wisely touched upon by Xavier. 

Pepe Larraz’s storytelling skills are impressively strong as any plot twists and conflicts that arise are executed are original, sharp and compelling. Through his art, everything he aims to convey through his illustrations is accomplished.  Well-rooted characteristics are expanded upon. There is a strong sense of familiarity and understanding between the reader and the second issue. Although the X-Men have seen themselves revamped and reimagined time and time again, the sense of intimacy remains to bleed through the pages. Colorist Marte Garcia dazzles with his use of pigmentations and shading, creating an atmosphere of emotion around each panel.  

The ambition shared between Hickman and Larraz creates such a magnetic (no pun intended) draw to House of X, and the second issue solidifies their dedication to series.  Their eagerness to expand upon such vast and the unique universe through beautifully crafted visuals and a silk-smooth script is a feat within itself. 

House of X #2 is a charming, enticing, vibrant addition to the House of X series, sinking into its potential to be great while clinging onto emotion. The issue stands out as an achievement in retconning, especially the comic industry, where changes to previous plots either sink or swim. The installation is fascinating, carrying itself with no intention to slow down and is eager to see where it takes itself. Rate- 9/10. 


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