Third Eye

we have two eyes
at least some people do
some people would look at him
and see a damaged boy
incapable of loving fully
incapable of investing fully
only capable of spreading confusion
and spreading warmth at his own convenience 
a mama’s boy at heart
but still disrespecting the women he dates
forgetting they’ll be a mama one day too
but not me
we have two eyes
at least some people do
but I have a third eye
the third eye
when you can see beyond a person
beyond the front they put up
the ability to see past the truth
or what you wanted to be the truth
you can see good in all
and make connections with the damaged
taking any bad
pushing it aside
you see no red flags 
even though everyone tells you they are there
what a blessing it is
to see beyond the damaged
to understand that there is more to them
than what other people make them out to be
what a curse it is
to believe there is good in all
to not want to understand that some people 
won’t change
no amount of time
you give
no amount of comfort 
you give
no amount of you
you give 
can fix someone incapable of goodness
the curse wasn’t when he walked into your life
the curse was seeing someone clearly for who they are
and letting the third eye see otherwise
you saw what you wanted to see
not what was real
that’s the curse that comes along with 
seeing good in all

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