Our Addiction to Dirt, Drama, and Calling People Out

The internet is an interesting place – it can be both really great or really awful, depending on what’s happening. However, one of the things that adds to the not so pleasant side of it is the culture of finding “dirt” to cause drama, or “calling people out/exposing” them.

Many celebrities have found themselves as a topic of drama, and have been called out by people around the world, sometimes even their fans, for something they have done. Quite often, it seems to be that people find old opinions of these celebrities and post them on social media, in a way to “expose” these celebrities for who they “really are”, one way this is often done is through the use of Twitter. Many people like to dig up old tweets from celebrities in which they clearly express views or use language that is offensive or incorrect.

A recent example of this is the actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who was named as the host for the upcoming Oscars. However, shortly after, old tweets of his that were blatantly homophobic resurfaced, one of which read: “Yo if my son comes home and try’s 2 play with my daughters dollhouse I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay’.

What I can assume is that the reason these tweets were dug up is that people are still hurt by them and upon hearing that Hart was hosting the Oscars, felt the need to show the world the offensive things he had said. However, Hart was asked to apologize, or to decide to step down from his position as host, and he chose the latter, which also caused more people to ask why he didn’t choose to take the easier option of simply apologizing, to which he replied with tweets explaining why he thought he shouldn’t.

Though I believe that people and their views can change, I do believe that Kevin Hart should have apologized for his use of language in the past as it was incorrect and offensive, and explained that he does not think that way now. However, I do also believe that it is wrong for an immediate reaction to an event in a celebrity’s life to be to expose them for their past. Many celebrities have had old homophobic tweets dug up, including YouTube star Zoe Sugg. But why do we feel the need to cause drama by digging up dirt?

The main reason is most likely that we don’t want to get bored, so we start controversies to keep us entertained which, in a way, is understandable, but is stirring up drama about celebrities the right way to do it? They are humans too, and their lives and careers can be very seriously impacted by outbreaks of drama such as these.

Although I do not believe it is right, I believe that this addiction to dirt, drama, and calling people out is nowhere near an end – in fact, I believe it may just be starting to become even more common.


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