How to Handle a Long Distance Friendship

Between college, moving around, and internet relationships, long distance friendships are becoming more and more common. Despite the easy access to communication today’s technology offers us, there are still some challenges that arise with keeping a friendship going when distance interferes. Here are some tips to help keep close with all of your long distance friends:

Communication is Key

As much fun as it is to send each other Snapchat streaks and funny memes all day, no friendship will survive based solely on screenshots of your Twitter feed. To keep close with one another, some serious communication skills are required, which means you’ll have to be responsible for filling your friend in. Since they’re not physically around you, you’ll have to be diligent on keeping them informed to maintain any kind of substinant friendship.

Time Management

Realize that sometimes, it is going to be hard to keep communication up between you and your friend when you have a lot of tests or activities going on, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you will drift apart. The best solution for busy schedules is to always be on top of your hectic agenda, and keep your fiend updated too. If you know you are going to be M.I.A for a few days, let them know prior rather than after, as to keep confusion at minimum. On the other hand, don’t let your time spent on the phone talking to your friend impede upon the work you have to do. It’s easy to lose track of time catching each other up, but don’t let it run too long and prevent you from finishing school assignments or work projects.

Be Understanding

A hard part of having a long distance best friend is seeing them get to go out and have fun with their friends that live closer to them. As difficult as it is to not fill up with jealousy when you see someone else get the luxury of a quiet movie night in, with your friend, understand things would be different if you were closer, and it’s okay for your friend to have other friends. Just keep in mind that you want to see them happy.

Don’t Overcompensate

If the time comes where you feel as if you are the only one putting any effort in, address the situation. Be clear that the friendship will not work if only one person is putting in the effort. Don’t give up at the first sign of any complication, but also don’t tolerate being pushed to the side and ignored, and feeling drained from being in a friendship.

Although navigating a long-distance friendship can be tricky, it’s worth the effort when you’re willing to put it in. Don’t let time zones or mileage stop you from keeping close with someone. No amount of distance can change how important a person or friendship is to you.


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