Andrea Russett Stands Up For Herself (And The LGBT+ Community) In Response To Homophobic Ex-Best Friend

Any longtime Youtube fan knows Andrea Russett is a legend. Once known as GETTOxFABxFOREVER, Russett is one of the OG Youtube artists. Indeed, she’s been making videos since 2008, with over millions of views and subscribers. With her social media fame, she was even able to land a gig as a host for WJFX Radio, as well as a few acting roles in movies like Sickhouse and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Over the past few days, Russett’s name has been in the news (and all over Twitter)–not because of a crazy video venture, but rather, a long and heated explanation defending herself against an ex best-friend of hers, Sandra Poenar.

Andrea Russett, via Shorty Awards

The two were incredibly close. “She sat with me while I cried about the thought of coming out to my parents,” Russett penned about Sandra. “She knew me better than anyone in my life. She was family to me.”

However, once Russett learned about Sandra’s extremely anti-LGBT views, she dropped her in a heartbeat. “Over the last year, my friend who is openly gay attended a nondenominational church with Sandra,” wrote Russett. “On the drive home, he was asking questions about her views on religion, one of them being, ‘So do you think I’m going to hell because I’m gay?’ Sandra responded, ‘Yes.’ She went on to tell him that he can be ‘saved’ with conversion therapy.”

It was upon hearing this conversation that Russett approached Sandra about her beliefs.

“I straight-up asked Sandra, ‘Do you think that because I’m bisexual, I’m going to hell?’ and she looked me dead in the eyes and said yes.”

Russett continued her letter, expressing how ‘heartbroken’ and ‘confused’ she was about Sandra and why the girl decided to move in with Russett knowing about her sexuality.

Notice how the point of this piece isn’t to point out how shocking the news is that Russett is bisexual. Indeed, every headline of every other article discussing the debacle with Russett and her roommate is titled, Andrea Russett Comes Out In Letter To Fans”, “Andrea Russett Comes Out As Bisexual”, etc, etc.

Russett, via her Twitter

Listen, the fact that Andrea came out to fans in such a way shows bravery–there’s no doubt about that. Russett didn’t have to come out, but doing so added a whole other level of depth and vulnerability to the letter.

But her coming out shouldn’t be the sole focus of the news story.

Andrea Russett wrote the letter addressing her roommates views because she knew it was important; important to herself as a bisexual woman, and important to her fans in the LGBT+ community.

“…To anyone who is struggling with anything similar in their life, you are not alone,” Russett wrote. “You are not any less of a person because of who you may choose to love.”

Indeed, the big part of this story? Standing up for yourself as well as an entire community against someone you had so much love and respect for takes a lot of strength. Andrea Russett takes no one’s homophobic, prejudice B.S, and that is something that deserves to be spotlighted.

“‘How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.’ Love is love.”-Andrea Russett

Featured Image Via Andrea Russett’s Instagram


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