You seek so much from others

Forgetting that what you seek

Can be found within yourself­­­­


It’s like asking a wasp for honey

When you yourself are a bee


You search for love in others

Forgetting that love


Must first come from yourself

Because when people leave you


Only your love can truly fix what’s broken


You search for comfort in others

Forgetting that comfort


Is being served

In the arms of those

That can destroy you


You search for acceptance in others

Forgetting that acceptance


Is temporary


Some accept you when it’s convenient

And deny you

When they think that there is better


They only come back

When they seek the same things you have been looking for



When love

And comfort

And acceptance

Are no longer given


You have no choice but to seek within yourself



When you are all alone

Wishing for someone to stay

And provide you with all the things

That you could be giving yourself


They’re not disrespecting you

As much as you are disrespecting yourself


You either allow people to disrespect you

Or you fight those that do


But you often forget

That you are the biggest source

Of disrespect


Show yourself that you have it all

That you deserve more

That you deserve better



And Acceptance

And comfort

Were the roots of your life


But you were too busy searching for others

You tripped on the roots instead

When everything you needed was right below you


And so next time you seek honey

From a wasp


Don’t forget that

You are a bee


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