How to Make a Difference in Local Gun Control Laws

On Thursday, June 28, five employees of the Capital Gazette: Wendi Winters (special publications editor), Rebecca Smith(sales assistant), Rob Hiaasen (assistant editor), Gerald Fischman(editorial page editor), and John McNamara(staff writer) were killed, among others who were injured, in a shooting inside the newsroom, in Annapolis, Maryland. The suspect is Jarrod Warren Ramos, a 38-year-old man.

Unfortunately, this is yet another chapter in this oddly familiar narrative for Americans, as mass shootings are something that has happened 154 TIMES ONLY THIS YEAR. The latest one, the Capital Gazette massacre, follows the exact same pattern: an armed man opens fire on a group of unsuspecting victims. This should have raised questions over the current state of gun laws for more politicians and made it clear that what America needs is gun reform. It is heartbreaking to wake up and read about yet another senseless tragedy and feel helpless. Now, the slew of gun violence HAS brought together over a million students in a march called ”March for Our Lives” in response to the Parkland shooting where 17 people were killed, however, there are things that everyone who has become fed up with this recurrent narrative can do to help bring about a gun reform.

1. Call, Email, & Tweet At Your Elected Representatives
Here’s a list of phone numbers for every office of every single senator, organized by state. You can also find your House representative and get their contact information using the government’s own database.

2. Support Local & State Politicians Who Are Pro-Gun Control Reform
Believe it or not, local and state laws matter just as much in our fight for gun control as anything coming from Washington. You can find out who your local and state politicians are by clicking here.

3. Participate In Marches & Protests
Even though March for Our Lives in an annual event, protests against gun violence are an almost daily occurrence in the United States. For instance,

4. Donate To Gun Control Organizations
Prominent gun control advocacy groups include Evertown, Brady Center, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV).

For those who are sick of feeling helpless in the face of such tragedies, there are plenty of ways they can make sure that their voices are heard.


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