Have You Encountered These Planets?

Profiles on someone you probably know and have fallen (are falling?) for, but out of this world.  Literally.  At least for the most part.

The One Hopelessly Out Of Your League / The Exoplanet

An exoplanet, by traditional definition, is a planet orbiting a star that is not the Sun.

An exoplanet can also be the girl you locked eyes with for two seconds, and are convinced that she’s bound to sweep you off your feet.

The Exoplanet unintentionally forces you out of your comfort zone and you let yourself get pushed out anyway.  She knows that you desperately want to be pulled by the same orbit.

Desperate attempts only make you look like a joke, but despite all the laughs serving as background noise, she won’t join in.

When she speaks of her favorite things, you hear a foreign language.  Soon, you find yourself googling what art materials she uses. Or Fahrenheit 451.  Or her favorite obscure vacation spot. Through your extensive research, fragments of her stick to you.

The Exoplanet (with your developing talent in writing) makes perfect, poignant poetry about topics you thought you’d only encounter in books and movies, like the perfect girl, or unrequited feelings.

She remains warm yet inexplicably distant, but for good reason.  The Exoplanet is art in a museum surrounded with velvet rope, and the R-rated movie you’ve been wanting to see but can’t since you pass as a child.

The Exoplanet indirectly tells you to get a better personality.  And somehow, you do.

But where’s that gonna get you?

The One You Could Actually Be With (But Won’t, Anyway) / Earth

The first thing you’d think of when you hear the word “Earth” is probably home, and things you already know.

You’ve probably met Earth when you were still pining for the Exoplanet and considered her a friend.  It’s not hard to bond with Earth, given the vast amount of things you share: tastes, age, interests, friends.

You and Earth share the same world.  She probably hates the things you hate and loves the things you love, but not because she’s trying to impress you, rather since you two are that in sync with each other.

You don’t need to pretend to be someone else for Earth, because she already likes you for you.

Earth is the carefully curated playlist based on your newfound favorite thing you guys bond over.  She is ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ greetings, your first thought when you wake up and last one before you fall asleep.

Earth isn’t a distant fantasy; she’s reality with the right dash of magic.

(But reality nevertheless.)

The Clever and Elusive Mix of Both / Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.  Named after the Roman god of war and a possible home for humans in the future, the big red intrigues and intimidates.

Intrigue strikes you when you properly see her for the first time.  She’s a familiar face, a familiar name, but there’s too much waiting to be unraveled.

Intimidation fills your insides when you realize she’s everything you want and beyond, but deep inside you know she’s another star out of your reach.

Except, she isn’t?

Maybe if you knew how to act normal around girls you liked, you could get a tad bit closer to her platonically?


Try harder.  No, no, try less.  Don’t try at all. Not like that! Jesus Christ.

Keep your mouth shut.  She doesn’t have to know you fell for her the second time around solely because of a sweet, but ultimately harmless remark.  Why did you fall that easily, anyway?

Go, tell your friends about your newfound muse.  Or about how she finally greets you in open and closed spaces.  About how you know that she finally knows that you exist.


Mars has always been someone whose good side you want to get on, and doing so makes you feel you’ve done something right.

Secrets are always waiting to be discovered with her, and unraveling them affirms the notion that you two aren’t incompatible and polar opposites.

Mars can radiate warmth, but it should be noted that it’s in her nature to be cold—if not colder than—as ice.

She is the epitome of the lover’s most common tragedy, the state of being so close yet so far away.

Tread with caution all throughout because as much as you think you’ve figured Mars out, she has miles and miles of unchartered territory.

And nothing’s scarier and sadder than the great unknown.


Inspired by the articles Have You Encountered the Softboy & Have You Encountered the Starboy



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